Wednesday, February 20, 2013

celiac and autism

***I'm reposting my facebook rant here, should anyone need to bookmark it for information***

FINALLY!!! I have said this for YEARS! Real research is coming out saying, "hey guess what, we're probably misdiagnosing a lot of kids with autism and add/adhd who really have Celiac!!" March/April 2013 Issue of Simply Gluten Free Magazine, by Dr. Vikki Peterson of authored the article. There are multiple studies listed but the main thought is, "Research shows the actual condition creating ADHD or autism-like symptoms is factually the presence of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. In other words, gluten intolerance can so mimic ADHD and autism that a misdiagnosis can occur."

We've come a long way in progress for children with Autism and spectrum disorders. But we still have a long way to go. What if we are missing a huge chunk of children, who really only need the GF diet? Maybe they don't need countless hours of therapy or invasive testing and evaluation? What if they really just need the GF diet?? I'm not saying every child diagnosed with Autism is really Celiac. But why not test? Why not TRY the GF diet, because if it's Celiac, it's going to work fast.

We've long known for years the connection of leaky gut to autism, the gut brain connection. I've said for years there will one day be such a thing as Celiac Induced Autism. Eli is living proof, once gluten was removed, he developed completely normal. If I reintroduce it, he completely regresses. This is not a coincidence. This is a connection, a REASON he was so developmentally delayed and so fast (within months of introducing gluten at age 12 mos). If you know a child with autism, have a child with autism, TRY THE DIET! IF you have a child with ADD, ADHD, why not TRY the diet? Versus incredibly toxic meds for life? Why not try a natural change of eating?

Here are the things I commonly hear about GF diet: "My child is so picky already! What will he eat?" Yes, guess what, my child ate NOTHING. It was the biggest thing we battled with. It took years but he eats now. Guess what, if they have autism, they will likely be picky whether you eat GF or not. So let them be picky with GF food.

"Gluten free food is so expensive! What will we do?" How much do you spend on docs? Therapies? How much does your MENTAL ANGUISH cost you at your child driving you insane? Isn't the price of food worth that? Shop around, buy in bulk, buy with other GF people! Join a Celiac support group or Autism support group and buy in bulk with them! Each foods NATURALLY GF like fruits, veggies, meats, rice, etc.

"What if it doesn't work?" It might not. It really, truly might not. If your child has Celiac, whether with or without and ASD diagnosis, the GF diet will heal their body and help their mind. If your child does NOT have Celiac, but DOES have Autism, it MAY help. Many kids with autism but who are not Celiac, do benefit from the GF (and often Casein free diet). But many do not. We don't know all the whys and hows. But why not TRY!?

 I don't say all this to minimize the reality that there are far too many children with Autism around. I say these things to encourage anyone to TRY the GF diet if you or someone you love may be a good candidate for it. I say these things to encourage you to think outside the physician imposed box and ponder, "What's really good for my child?" What worked for us, may not work for you. But what IF, what IF, your child with Autism is really just a severe case of Celiac. That one diet change could alter his or her life FOREVER. Because guess what, the GF diet is not a prison sentence. It's not the END of eating certain things, it's the beginning of health, energy, vibrance and a new life. Yes, it stinks to not always eat what others eat, but there are SO many good choices out there and so much improvement in the GF lifestyle, it's NOT THAT BAD!

Eating gluten free versus a lifetime of the hell I went though pre-diagnosis of Celiac? Hands down, GF food all the way.

You will never, ever know, until you try.


***These are MY Opinions! While I do chair the local Celiac Sprue Association, these are my personal thoughts. Please feel free to ask me anything about Celiac, even the gross stuff, and please refer to for more information about Celiac Disease.***

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back to Normal

Well, I became "free" from the day job mid January...However....I am JUST now getting back to normal as a series of things child got sick, I got strep throat TWICE, the school called me to sub various times, and so on. PHEW. I had a few days of slovenly days of watching the ENTIRE three seasons of Downton Abbey and crochet, which was lovely and fulfilled my need for laziness. Then came the kids off school for a week for Mardi Gras....AHHHH! So tomorrow I'm starting over...again on my WAHM life!

I've joined a gym and am enjoying working out and watching the scale go slowly down! My goal is to run for 30 minutes straight, and I'm enjoying working on that goal. I ran for 3 minutes straight twice today! WOO HOO!

New items are being listed at Badge Reels and Seaux Comfy including fun new mylar reels and some super cute new ruffle scarves perfect for cool spring nights! The girls and I are writing again over at Real Housewives Of Nola and we have some new faces! Come meet them and stay up to date with our shenanigans!

The great team members over at Handmade Louisiana are making some beautiful items for spring and summer! Be sure to check out a list of our Etsy shops via our Etsy Teams profile here and please join us if you are a artisan in the gulf coast La/Ms area. I'm so proud of this group of artisans who really show the awesomeness that is my hometown and region. We pack a lot of talent down here!

It will be really nice to have my quiet back during the day. It's only a short time, but it's something I've grown to love. Seems the older I get the more of a homebody I become! I have some projects to tackle around the house, especially now that we are not relisting it to sell, I can do some things because I want them, not because it will help or hurt a sale. My craft room is getting a serious purge, hopefully starting this week. I have to accept I cannot do EVERY craft I've ever tried and streamline what I have, so I'll probably have some destash available on my facebook soon!

I hope life is great for you, dear reader, and you are staying warm as sunnier days approach us!!

~~Craft on~~

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Free Crochet Pattern--Tetris Blanket

So this isn't so much a pattern, as a color guide. I got side tracked and haven't finished my Tetris blanket--HEY A BIRD!--but I thought I'd share this simple lay out. You can totally redesign your own on some fun apps and programs like StitchSketch.

If you are not sure how to make a granny square, search YouTube, some of the best tutorials are on there, such as anything by "Crochet with Mikey/The Crochet Crowd"

I suggest making the squares of 2 simple rounds each, roughly 4 inches. Go bigger if you want a large afghan, smaller if you want a baby blanket or smaller throw.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Free Pattern--Looks Knit Crochet Kindle Cover

Full disclosure...I fell in love with Mamachee's Can't Knit Cowl pattern. It was just beautiful and genius way to use crochet to appear knit. Please go check out her Ravelry store, linked above, she's a very talented pattern writer! Her pattern is the inspiration for this pattern.

This pattern has NOT been tested, if you find any errors, have suggestions, or what not please leave a comment or drop me a line over at Ravelry.

Acrylic worsted weight yarn. I used Vanna's choice.
G Hook

I don't do gauge. I know, cardinal sin. I'm just too lazy. This cover is based on a Kindle Touch. Finished cover measures 5 1/4 inches x 7 1/4 inches. Adjust for your kindle. Go up a hook size for a less tight stitch, use a lighter weight yarn for a looser stitch. Experiment as how you see fit!

hdc: half double crochet
slst: slipstitch

After Round 2, you work in a spiral, in one continuous round. Majority of this pattern is written in 3rd LOOP of the hdc stitch. Please see photos below.

Round 1: Ch 23, hdc in 3rd chain from hook. hdc across, slst in beginning chain and slst in next chain (the base of starting slipknot.

Round 2: Ch 2, hdc in same st, and working on opposite side of the foundation row, hdc across and slst in last chain. In other words, you are crocheting on the opposite side of the starting chain. This makes the base for your cover.

Round 3-27: DO NOT join, hdc in 3rd loop of next stitch. (SEE PHOTO)
Continue on in this fashion, around and round. The first few rounded curves can be a little tricky. Continue on, even if it looks a little wonky, it will start to look like a tube. You don't have to keep strict count, you can easily count your rows by counting the "knit" rows. If you choose to change colors, continue on for however many rows of one color you want. I used six rounds of gray before switching to blue.

I did 6 rows of gray, 6 of blue, 6 of gray, 6 of blue. Try to change colors in the same spot, on the "back" of the cover, so the color change isn't too noticeable.

When you reach the 26th row (or whatever row is as tall as you want for your kindle), you'll be attaching the elastic for the closure. An elastic hair band works great!

Row 26: hdc until you are about in the middle of the BACK of the cover. Crochet OVER the elastic ponytail for 3-4 stitches. (see photo)

Continue around for one last row of hdc in the 3rd loop until you reach the 'start' point on the back. Slst into the last stitch.

Sew on a button on the FRONT of the kindle cover to hook the elastic on. Where you put your button will vary. I put mine in the 2nd row of the top blue section. I didn't want the elastic to pull too tight, as my son is very rough on things and this one is for him.

Alternative closures:
Instead of an elastic hairband, chain a long chain, attach where the elastic was, and use it to wrap around and around the button.

Add a flap of regular hdc, leaving space for a button hole.

Add a snap.

Add two lengths of chained yarn, no button and make a tie.
That's it! You're done! I love the look of the 3rd loop stitch and it's soft, squishy and very protective for your electronic devices.

This pattern can be adapted for many other things! It would make a super comfy hot water bottle holder, an ice pack holder, a bag to be felted, etc. This stitch is very versatile and super easy.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, corrections!!


Planning Projects?

Wait, people make plans before they start crocheting? They read patterns, check for correct yardage and yarn type? They purposely sit down and have a vision before they start chaining?


Okay, so I'm not a big planner of projects....I pin a ton of projects, save them on ravelry, and buy insane amounts of yarn...but generally when people ask at the checkout, "what are you going to make with that yarn?" My reply is, "You're supposed to have a plan? It's pretty..that's my plan."

I've gotten slightly better...saving color combo boards on Pinterest, experimenting with different patterns...(and I still don't gauge swatch. Sorry, I just don't.) I've been pinning color combo ideas for a year now. One of my favorite blankets is the Sunburst Granny Square I did along with InnerHooker for one of her Crochet A Longs. Well, it made it in the beginning of my hooker career (oh so long 2011....) and it was before I had learned how to secure ends, particularly the CENTERS of squares, properly. So my beloved blanket is coming undone in the centers and I feel like I want to do a new one..with better yarn.

 My beloved beginner falling apart in some centers.

The good thing is Knit Picks has a yarn called Palette, that is, you guessed it, nearly every color you can imagine. I drool over it every time I get the catalog. I'm currently working on a Tunisian crochet blanket, but I want to think long term. (I'm also ignoring the two granny stripe blankets and one granny mandala blanket in progress in the blanket basket...all in good time, dear yarn...all in good time. I burned myself out on the Queen Size granny stripe blanket on my bed.) So I'm plotting...what colors...this is the funnest part I think..the color choosing.

So I've created a Pinterest board of course...just for this afghan color choosing. Yes I'm THAT serious. (and I'm also very happy this is my most pressing current decision. I am blessed.)

You can see the contenders here: but here are a few...I'm sure I'll be adding more.

Please feel free to hop on the board and "like" your favorites, as I am curious on what color combo's others find appealing.

Again....I am blessed. Those of you with the yarn and fabric addiction like me know how this feels though and can appreciate the indecision. Plus aren't the colors just FUN!?

~~Create On~~

Friday, February 1, 2013

January Photo Purge

January was a slow month, photography wise, as I was working for half the month and we've been fighting illness. But we had a little fun! :)


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