Thursday, June 30, 2011

To Join a Gym or Not to Join a Gym.....that is the fat butt question..

So, I'm feeling a little squishy. A little too squishy. And unlike my friend Dee's 3 month old who I affectionately call Squishy....I'd rather not be so pudding like. I'm not overweight, and I'm sure many of my friends would say, "getouttahere" but Yeah..I need to lose a few.

I'd actually lost all the baby weight by taking up sewing and running my business. But as the business had grown and it's more about keeping it afloat than spending hours sewing (because apparently, once you actually do good at your shop, you no longer have time to SEW!) But 8-10 lbs have crept back on. Mama not likey.

So, to decide. Now, by the grace of God and hard work, we have paid off all our medical bills and credit cards. This is quite a feat as I racked up almost 3k myself in 2008 when they wrongly diagnosed me with MS only to say, oops, you don't have it. (A good mistake, I know.) We also racked up 2k more in the boys for Eli's Autism diagnosis and Harrison's cat allergy diagnosis. I'm not complaining, we had coverage, they got help and it's done. But Praise Lord it's PAID FOR!

Sooooooooo, I am the spender in the family, no question about it. But I am better than my 10k in debt days of post-college. So I'm contemplating joining a gym. Not a fancy 100 a month gym, but one of those Anytime Fitness places. It's a reasonable fee. But my husband has made me a worry wart.

What if the heater breaks this winter? (It's over 18 years old). What if the hot water heater breaks (also original).? What if my 96 car needs major repair? I'm a worry wart now, he's done that to me!

I suppose I'll experiment, if I can stick with working out at home, maybe I can see enough reward there and one day do the gym. It's hard to even consider until school starts again, the boys are so all consuming. I have to wonder, can it all really fit? Kids, House, Husband, Work, Exercise, Cooking/Cleaning, FUN? Where does it all fit in??

I think my first experiment will be to get up early, before the man and go walk. It should be cooler then and maybe if I can force myself to do that, I can get to BED at a decent hour!

We shall see.....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

girl, disconnected....almost over...

The end is near, the end is near! Two more days and my experiment is over! It's been a long month! I don't think I'll be doing such an experiment again...but I did learn a lot. I learned I can most definitely cut back on the internet. As long as I am running an online business, I obviously cannot give it up entirely ever. But I can institute an unplugged day, or weekend, etc.

I think I will do one day a week of unplugged. This will be particularly helpful when the kids start school and I can devote a straight period of time to work, cleaning, etc.

But overall, I missed being connected. I missed chit chatting with friends, seeing pics of cute kids, and learning cool recipes, ideas, and websites. I missed it, I really did. Social networking, when used responsibly, is a great addition to our crazy busy lives. Just use it smartly! Instead of only going online to play games and ask friends for boards for your non existent farm, chit chat with friends, comment on their lives, and grow closer! Use social networking to build relationships, share a joke, and CONNECT!

So I'll see ya'll soon!!! I miss you!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

girl disconnected...4 more days

4 more days and I get my online life back.

I think I have learned what I needed to learn. I'll recap:

1. I do not NEED the internet and social networking. Should tragedy befall us and we had to cut things...I'd turn it off, no problem.
2. Although I do not NEED social networking...I WANT social networking. Being a WAHM generally surrounded by humans under 4 feet tall, a dog, no one or a combination of those three....I need the connection sites like facebook bring me. I also, apparently, like to talk and social networking helps me ease that.
3. I did not accomplish many of the goals I wanted to accomplish. I did start making small changes to our diet and grocery purchases. I'm still a coupon fanatic but am seeking out more healthy purchases with the coupons. But in these tight times, I gotta do what I gotta do to feed my family!
4. I did not create much at all. But this has little do with with disconnecting. My kids are home on summer break and all consuming. So summer was probably NOT a great time to try disconnecting.
5. I did see how disconnecting is valuable and am trying to decide what day each week I want to be my "unplugged" day.

here is how my goals broke down. (Mind you these were long term goals listed here, but I wanted to update my progress.) (Updates are in Red)
*Integrate stevia and blue agave nectar into diet more.--Working on! They no longer make Sun Crystals, my sweetener of choice for my coffee, but I can make my own by mixing stevia and real cane sugar. I also got some local honey and agave nectar and have been using them in coffee and smoothies!

*Use up current stockpile of all items that contain high fructose corn syrup, and multiple chemicals on the label. Working on....slowly and surely.

*As we use that stock up, research alternatives for such items.Working on....slowly and surely.

*Limit our soda intake. Once it’s used up...purchase natural sodas without HFCS. Working on....slowly and surely.

*Drink more Water. Working on....slowly and surely. Sort of failing in this one...

*Cut back on sugar.   Working on....slowly and surely. Sort of failing in this one...
*Eliminate or drastically cut back on food dyes. Working on....slowly and surely. I think I'm doing good in this one, it was mostly for the boys and as I look at their diet, they don't eat much with food dyes. Their fruit jerky (fruit strips) are colored with fruit and veggie dyes. Their cereals don't contain dyes. Their juices are all natural. Probably their biggest downfall is the occasional popsicle at PawPaw's house, but I also want to be realistic, the sometimes popsicle isn't going to kill them. Fruit Chewy Treats are probably the last majorly dyed food they ingest, and again, I'm not going to go all Gestapo on their butts.

*Purchase meats, dairy and produce that I KNOW where it came from. Working on....slowly and surely. This information is harder to get than I thought.
    *Purchase red meat and chicken only from our local grocery store Working on....slowly and surely. Local and organic meats are SUPER costly.
    *Purchase the ‘dirtiest’ produce list organic and preferably, locally grown.Working on....slowly and surely.
    *Purchase locally grown and organic fed dairy products. Working on....slowly and surely. Thankfully most of the milk I buy is from local farmers who supposedly don't use hormones or any of that. Still trying to find a good, clean, quiet source of Raw Milk. Since it's illegal I can't even tell you if I find one anyways.

*Exercise more! FAILED miserably. I've walked the dog...that's about it. I've put on about 8 lbs in the past six months. I'm a new mission to get ripped.

*Spend more time in bible study. Working on....slowly and surely. I've not done enough of this, absolutely not.
*Cleaning and Housework.  Working on....slowly and surely. Getting better. I'm still trying to make myself get on a good schedule, but I'm not a good schedule keeper. But I've done okay keeping things going, since it is summer and both kids are's a lot harder to keep things clean!

*Purge some of the plastic. Working on....slowly and surely. Purged some and am working on purging more. Slowly (it's costly!) replacing my plastic items with glass.
*Read More! Doing good! I'm up to 9 books finished on my kindle alone. I think my goal to read in 2011 was 20-25. I'm reading a few books off the kindle (what are these called now, In Real Life books?) and as always, my stack of magazines.

*Un-Plug More. Semi Accomplished!! As this girl disconnected series draws to a close, I admit I've sneaked on some social networking sites, I've still used my iPad and I've still done what I needed to do for my business online. But I was offline a WHOLE lot more than I've ever been in recent years. I of course didn't have a ton of time to BE online since it's summer, but not even being ALLOWED online helped ease my stress and guilt for 'not getting enough done.'

So, overall, I'm not doing TOO terrible I think!!

See ya'll soon! FOUR MORE DAYS!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

girl, disconnected...I Think I Get It Now...

I think I get it now. I think I understand why this girl disconnected break is so hard. I think I understand why taking a break from most social networking is becoming harder every day.

I NEED to vent. I NEED instant gratification. I NEED feedback. I NEED to hear I'm not a horrible person, that tomorrow is another day, have a martini, whatever platitudes your friends near and far tell you when you're having a crappy day. I miss that. Horribly.

My life is absolutely not hard, especially difficult or made-for-tv-movie worthy. (Okay, parts of my childhood may have been tv movie worthy, but that's for another time....)
So why do I deserve the right to vent, I wonder? My child is not dying of cancer. My husband has not left me for another woman (or man.). We are not about to lose our house in foreclosure. We are all relatively healthy, wealthy (in relative terms) and the need I have to vent and complain also at the same time makes me feel horribly inadequate, ungrateful and stupid.

But still, I cannot resist that urge. Take today for example. Our oldest got to spend the night at a close friend's house (we're all family friends.). And he had a good time as expected. Now, he's been giving me a LOT of lip lately, bad attitude and in particular, being ungrateful and unappreciative. But, he was out of the house, and although I enjoyed the time of having just one tiny human to attend to, I missed him.

So we go to pick him up, first thing he said is, "I don't want to go home." Now, I kinda sloughed that off because we ALL did that growing up when we went over to a friend's house. Grass is greener sorta thing, you know.

Still I got hugs and we had a relatively nice visit with friends, where he pretty much behaved other than the usual whining about having to eat dinner. (The child would exist on gummy bears if I let him.) So it's time to go. Commence meltdowns. Now, I did give him slack knowing that he went to bed late but still got up at dawn like he always does. I took that into consideration.

But he's still so damn frustrating. The whining, the crying, the fussing, the ARGUING (be quiet everyone who knows me personally...yeah yeah yeah, it's like looking in a mirror, I KNOW. My older siblings: Shut it.) This kid should be a lawyer, I tell you. He was all upset because his little brother has a special car toy at home that we got for E because he FINALLY ate his 30 healthy foods (also, a horrible eater.) So he got to pick out a special toy. H just was not down with this. He just cannot understand that he doesn't get a toy every time E does (and vice versa.) I tried reminding him how he got special things when he hit milestones, and about the fact that he had JUST spent the night with his friend just like he wanted to!! THAT was a special treat.

Nope, not good enough. Somehow...someway, this child has become spoiled rotten. So now, I'm stuck, now I've got to fix this (which I'm not sure how it totally GOT Like this because E is not this way, and we're not exactly parents who don't say "NO" a lot.) Still, I'm stuck. Feeling like a worthless, stupid, useless mother who's own child doesn't even want her. I'm moping over my martini right now...

and I can't go on facebook to whine about it. THAT is what I miss. I generally do not randomly bitch and moan on my personal update (at least I try not to because that drama aggravates me.) But, I do have private groups of friends (mostly fellow moms) who totally get it and that is where I vent. But, I can't do that.

So I sit here...and it festers. And THAT my friends is what I'm learning the most as my disconnect enters the homestretch.

I do not NEED facebook, twitter, plurk, cafemom, craftforum or any other social networking/forum. But I WANT it. I LIKE that I can connect with siblings 3k miles away at no cost. I LIKE that I can quickly in one fell swoop update myself on all my friends lives. Sure, a huge chunk of my facebook friends are people I've never laid eyes on in real life, but so what? They still support my endeavours, they laugh with me, cry with me, and share their own lives with me. Perhaps we found each other through Etsy, Artfire, handmade life, music, gluten free life, autism, or what have you...but we found each other. We're friends.

And I miss you all, I really do.

Now, I wonder how many actually READ this...that's another story. I know life is busy. And that is one reason social networking works.....we can connect in an instant. Whether you're a morning person or a night person, you can find your friends, check in, and move on. Sure, it's not true face time interaction, but it's SOMETHING. It's better than being closed off from the world.

I thought this experiment would give me more time, less stress, and more time with "real life" friends. My in person interactions stayed roughly the same....because although I was not checking online as much, I still had two boys to keep from killing each other, a new dog to take care of, a home and a business to run! Yet now, I can't have my quick, end of the day check in, laugh, funny pics, whatever, with friends!

My friend Celeste over on our blog, Real Housewives of NOLA gets it too! Read about it here.

Enough bitching, time to go drink my martini....Day 21 over.


Monday, June 20, 2011

girl, disconnected...Educational TV

Education. Really? That is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaalllly stretching the definition of the word and quite an insult to REAL educational programs.

and no, I was NOT watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians", I was flipping through and saw "education". Um. No.

girl disconnected...Things I Would Have Said...

I thought would be funny/clever/annoying/stupid (whatever your mood may be) for me to keep track of what I WOULD have posted on facebook/twitter/plurk this month had I stayed connected. So here we go. In no particular order.


"Thing #284 you never said until you had kids: Son you may not lick your brother."


"Cuddly dog snuggling with you bed...awesomesauce. Cuddly dog letting loose silent but deadly farts....not so awesomesauce."

"Eli is doing GREAT potty training!! So far no #2 in the potty but he's getting better with the pee pee!"

"Anyone have a solution for backtalk or overall attitude in kids? He's only 5....and a boy....should I be greatful he's not a girl?"

"Marc Broussard's new cd...go get it. And if you didn't get Amos Lee's and Adele's? Go get those too. Now. You will thank me later!"

"Dog is allergic to SOMETHING...we're not sure what. 3 vet trips in 2 weeks. (One wellcheck/cat scratch in eye, one eye recheck, one crazy allergic rash.....coming up...another eye recheck.) Dogs are more expensive than kids!"

"sooooooo, have you checked out my shops lately? Jus sayin."

"Eli can now sing most of the words to "Rumour Has It" on Adele's new cd. Your welcome world."

"Apparently summer break means no sewing for mama. Mama no likey that."

"Did I mention it's INSANELY HOT!!??"

"70's music on mp3 player....baking blueberry muffins (gluten free!) Handmade apron 'round my waist....cutie patootie running around in his skivvies....I love my life."

..........more to come............

Thursday, June 16, 2011

girl disconnected....I. Need. To. Connect.

Ok... I'm starting to lose it. It's only day 16. How can I do 14 more days of this?

I REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAALLLLYYY miss it. I thought I was cool with it, keeping myself busy but I didn't realize just how much at least once check in a day helps. I checked Facebook to check messages (sidebar folks, you CAN email me at if you need to get in touch.) and ooooh, it was like meeting a drug dealer in a dark alley. I so cheated and went through my notifications real quick.

I'm getting some instant gratification in the fact that I've cheated and played online games. (Julie Lamm...your arse is mine one day in Words with Friends. Are you cheating???) Ok, so I caved. I tended to my farms, zoo and bakery on that darn Ipad. I admit it. I'm human. Leave me alone.

I also broke down and got on twitter (other than auto posts) because I cracked open the new Marc Broussard album (which I faithfully bought like a true fan, even though I already had the album early release!!) and DUDE, a Twitter friend over in  Mississippi got an album liner shoutout!!! How COOL is that?? Go check out, she's a great gal and recovering from surgery....tell her mama sent you :) And get your behind over to Marc's site and take a listen. You won't regret it.

Sooooo, I'm shaking...I'm ready to just straight up get back online but I'm trying to stay strong!!

On the homefront: Eli's potty training is going well....say a will be the first nap in underwear.....

School starts August 8th. I think I shall purchase a spa gift card for the teachers....just as an appreciation for taking over what I just mentally cannot.....

Ok....I'm off to have a martini and play Sims. Don't judge...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

girl, disconnected...Wordless Wednesday

Mandeville Lakefront, May 2011

"Musician and Young Muse"

Original Photograph, Copyright Amy Dutsch 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

girl, 14--Naps Rock

5:48 am. That is what time my children chose to wake up this morning. I don't know why, I just recall a memory of saying, "GO. BACK. TO. BED." Multiple cups of coffee and episodes of Caillou later, I was still exhausted. So, E, the dog and I all snuggled up and snoozed away. H quietly played his Nintendo DS and I actually got to catch some Z's....complete with dog snoring.

I'd not have been so tired if I'd actually gone to bed at a decent hour...but nooooo, I had to stay up and watch my boy Marc Broussard on Lopez Tonight! :) I had to!! I gotta support my musicians!! He did FABULOUS by the way and you can snag the new album out NOW!

We did a run to Target and ran into another girl wearing a Fleurty Girl shirt...that was pretty funny. Ran into a couple of friends...apparently it was "walk around confused in the middle of Target's remodel day."

Tomorrow is an El Cheapo movie with H so hopefully we'll get a little time together. I know it's hard for H to share the love and spotlight with his little brother, so these little trips just us helps.

Speaking of little brother, Eli...the potty training is going well! So far no poops in the potty, but he's doing great with the pee-pee's!!! My little baby is growing up!!
So I'm making it! I confess to checking facebook today to confer with my fellow bloggers over at Real Housewives of NOLA...but that's it!!! (I think?) hee hee.

~~peace out,

Friday, June 10, 2011

girl disconnected....thin mints and real friends...

See world...even if you cut yourself off from Facebook, Twitter and whatever things you use to connect...your real friends hunt you down. They text you on your phone (even though it takes you 20 minutes to tap out a response...) They email you and send you recipes for GLUTEN FREE THIN MINTS! (Merry.....I heart you!) And they actually call.

I admit, its' been REALLY hard these first 10 days to be off Facebook and Plurk. I confess...I checked Facebook 1-2x for messages. I also apparently liked some things while searching for doggy stuff. I also broke down and got on Plurk a few times to show off Libby the dog because I have a lot of animal nuts over there who I knew would love to see her! So yea.....cold turkey, I didn't QUITE do...but I have mostly behaved myself. Any online purchases were doggy related (IE a 30 lb bag of dog food that even the UPS guy had to ask, "what is in this??" I shoulda told him something scary....).

But Twitter....I haven't even noticed. There are maybe 3 people who I connect with only on Twitter (because they've as of yet to GET on facebook), and one is baby-mooning, so she isn't on much anyways. So I really am not missing Twitter.

I am enjoying that I'm actually talking on the phone to my friends more. And this day....they seem to know when I've JUST sat down and gotten comfy before they call. Or I have raw chicken on my's always one of the two....

Sooooo, I've learned....whether you check your facebook or goes on. The sun rises. Kids misbehave (or behave!) and still you are there. I'm learning what I get out of social networking is the instant gratification. The feeling of, "Hey, someone read that!" or "Hey someone liked that!!" It's like I'm Sally Field all day long, "They LIKE ME! They REALLY LIKE ME!!"

But it's not just's not just about me. I really do enjoy reading about my friends, near and far. I enjoy hearing their adventures, and misadventures. That is something social networking really DOES help you feel connected to those you can't be physically near (IF You use it right and don't do stupid things like Post naked pics of yourself.....or join facebook...start drama....then leave. Repeat. For the love of cheese, ya'll, please stop doing that.)

Social networking is anonymity and closeness all at once. It's an enigma....and while I'm missing it at times...

I think I can live without it.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

girl, disconnected....doing what I love again...

Day 9.....ahhh a good day. My mother-in-law blessedly took the children for a few hours so I was able to get some actual sewing done!! Serging, to be exact. It was so nice...I haven't been able to sew for awhile now, since school got out, and it was so nice to finish up a stack of to-do's.

First up, I FINALLY recovered my sofa pillows. Now that we have a doggy, I thought this was a good time so I can take the covers off and wash them.  You can see the original pillow under the sleeping Libby.

I also got most of my stack of pillowcases done for my Pillowcase Drive for ConKerr Cancer. I have a stack from a fellow handmade friend and as of now we have 19 cases ready! Hopefully I can reach my goal by the end of July, but even if not, I am happy we can send these over and hopefully make a sick child smile!

I've also had a lotta fun the past few days. I've danced to Adele with Eli, did arts and crafts with the boys and of course played with the dog. The poor doggy also encountered a cat and is recovering from an eye scratch, but hopefully she'll be fine. She goes back to the vet on Monday.

What have you been making and doing lately??

I did cheat and check facebook messages as apparently I had some people who needed answers to questions. But I was quick and just checked my messages!! :)

My big plans for tonight are hunkering down with a movie ("The Notebook." No, I've never seen it. I got a warning letter that they were gonna kick me outta the chick club if I didn't watch Netflix sent it along for me.) Popcorn, movie and snugging on the sofa. Don't call by the way..


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

girl, 7--Adventures in Underwear

Oh, it's on. Like DONKEY KONG in my house.

So we have a dog. A super cute dog. A HOUSE TRAINED dog. Sooooo, my dear youngest's time to take tips from the DOG.

You are well past the age that you could have been potty trained. You may have Autism, but you are incredibly high functioning, and for all intents and purposes "cured". (Please don't take that literally...he will always have Autism, but we've conquered many of the issues he had. Not all, but many.) So, dear's underwear time.

Eli has sensory issues, that's no shocker. Feeding you often requires battle gear. I've accepted that. You scream. You kick. You throw things. (All of which you are slowly learning Mommy ain't hanging with.)

However....I will win this one. You will not be 40 and in diapers. You are completely physically able to potty train. So, it's ON.

He actually wore underwear tonite, so I figured, while I'm disconnected and supposedly finding more time....let's potty train!!

Of course I haven't created or sewn much lately but I rather figure that's a given during summer vacation. (August 8th....come on down...) But that's okay.....we got a doggy, and if I get a undie wearing boy out of it....I'll be a happy camper.

I'll keep you posted...let the underwear adventures begin...

Monday, June 6, 2011

girl, 5--A Boy and His Dog

If you read yesterday's post you saw that we adopted a sweet little pug mix we named Libby. (Technically, Libby Jo). Well, she's adjusting incredibly well. She was supposed to be MY dog but I highly suspect Harrison will end up being her 'true' master. She's still learning the ropes with us, but has made herself quite at home. It's as if she was always supposed to be here! She's snoozing on the end of my bed as I type!

And Harrison and Eli have really surprised me. I thought they'd be scared of her, like they had been before, but Harrison, especially has been super attentive, loving, caring and watchful over her. I'm very impressed. Today was the first day Harrison hasn't frustrated me immensely in a looooooooooooong time!! Perhaps he was MEANT to have his dog!

I AM missing being connected to social networking, but I'm only 5 days in (technically 6 now) but even now the desire and urge is manageable and even now I see how I can easily schedule 'online' time during nap times, evenings, etc. Facebook, twitter, forums, etc can be such a time suck but they don't HAVE to be.

Of course I've been googling more than I planned because I've been doing my doggy research! I also did have to do a little Amazon shopping to get a good deal on her dog food (have you SMELLED a dog's fart when on Purina or other crappy dog food? Yeah, um no.)

So, yes, I haven't been COMPLETELY disconnected as I planned...I am still keeping an eye on my shops, on my blogs, Handmade Louisiana and Real Housewives of NOLA. But overall, the computer is off much of the day! It is a nice change. I've watched documentaries, walked the dog, watched the boys swim, visited with friends and just RELAXED!

Now, I'm off to google "how to freshen a dog's smell" or some such to make Miss Libby here a little more sweet smelling to match her sunny disposition! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

girl, 4---Getting the Shakes.... I'm starting to get the urge....I miss facebook.....I miss the constant communication and instant gratification of that little notification reminder.

I probably wouldn't be jonesing as bad except that I want to show off our new DOGGY!

However, what we thought would be named actually a GIRL!! Ooops. Mama can't read the info on! DUH! But it's all good in the hood because I had a girl name picked out in the first place!!

So I give you, Libby the Dog! :)

She's a sweet doggy. 3.5 years old, and house trained. She was very hyper when she first got here but she's calmed down. So far there's been no potty accidents inside and she's a sweetie. She's a bit stinky, so if anyone has any tips on making her smell fresher, I'm all ears!! She had a quick bath today but we'll bathe her again longer tomorrow.

I'm also open to any tips on good dog food, treats, etc. She's already sprung a leak in the stuffed toy I got her so we'll be getting a NON stuffed toy tomorrow on her visit to Petsmart.

I introduce to you, Miss Libby :)

~~~now leave me comments and make me happy...I need instant gratification...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

girl, 3

I accomplished one of my goals today. If you'll remember I blogged a few days ago my VERY lofty goals on WHY this disconnect was important to me. One of my to-do's is to ensure I start my family on a healthier lifestyle. I watched "Food, Inc" and I must say. If you've NOT seen this movie. You absolutely must. No, it didn't make me a vegetarian but it did make me ANGRY. Now if you read this, you KNOW I am a big fan of capitalism, business and personal responsibility. However, what the food industry has done to us is shameful, horrifying and disgusting.

I wonder am I powerless to change anything? But as the end of the movie points out, you CAN make a change...with every bite you put in your mouth. Every time you buy groceries you are are making a difference by shopping. If you only purchase Twinkies and YooHoo's, that's what the industry is going to provide.

I've been on a lifelong battle to eat better. I was raised on high fat, high sugar, cheap, "low income" kind of foods. Food shouldn't be based on a class system. Just because you make more money you shouldn't be able to feed your kids healthier food than others. So how do I, a middle class stay at home mother cause change?

By re-examining our diet. It will be a sloooooooooow process, I know that. I am a big fan of couponing and saving money...and it's said you CAN'T coupon on a natural/organic diet. Well, that sounds like a challenge to me. And I am INCREDIBLY hard-headed and stubborn. I want to see if that's really true.

What I have to remember, every time I go shopping, is at what price is it worth my kids health? I've been a 'natural' or "crunchy" kinda gal for some time now...which is hard for people to understand because I do so love my sugary treats, and I am at heart a libertarian....which means I'm all for keeping the government OUT of my life.

But what infuriates me more, is that there are government agencies (the FDA, the USDA) that are FAILING us. Every day. Every meal. I am not a fan of government, you know that. But for those of you who does this not infuriate you?? How does this not make you angry? How do you support such institutations that are KILLING people? I hear much talk about how many politicians are in bed with the meat industry, the corn industry, etc....what about those in bed with Monsanto? What about those who turn a blind eye to high fructose corn syrup? It's NOT just Republicans and you are niave if you think so.

I, for one, never had much faith in our government. Not since I've been alive. So it's up to me and my faith in God that we stay healthy. So I have to do MY part. I have to purchase responsible foods. Even if it's at a cost. Maybe this means we eat a little bit less. Maybe this means I coupon and donate the foods we don't use to food banks. Maybe this means I help my friend with her garden and NEXT year I try it myself??

I don't know ALL the changes I will be able to make. Massive change always starts with one small step. So my challenge for this month is simple.

*Grocery shop only at a local store and Whole Foods. Conciously examine WHERE the food is coming from and how the meat is fed and cared for. Let's see JUST how much more costly eating better is. And how can I save money in other ways to MAKE this happen??

I have a Whole Foods gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Let's just see how much of my normal groceries I can get there and at our locally owned grocery store and for HOW much more money??

And if you're brave enough, consider checking out Millions Against Monsanto. If there ever has been an evil corporation...they are it. And this is me...the girl who's a big fan of personal responsibility and business....saying this. Pure evil.

Thus ends day 3 of my disconnect. We're off to meet our dog tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow I can introduce you to Maxwell the dog!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

girl, 2

i love my children.
i love my children.
i love my children.
i love my children.
i love my children.
i love my children.
i love my children.
i love my children.
i love my children.

It's been a long day. I miss venting with my online friends.

I've not heard any updates on Mrs. Jo Ann....I hope to go visit her tomorrow afternoon. She did start the chemo at 3:45 am Wednesday, June 2nd.

We're scheduled to go see the doggy on Sunday!! If we adopt him, I've already got his name picked out.....

 Stay tuned to see if children much Mommy drinks....and if we become Doggy Parents.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

girl, disconnected....the beginning

Well, it's been a hard first day of being disconnected. I've already broken my rules. Confession Time:

Within the first hour yesterday, I googled something for my son....but that was ALL I googled. (by the way you CAN fix a Leapster 2 if the screen freezes.)

Within the first few hours I went on Facebook...however I did NOT check anything, I was looking up information on this animal rescue site I'm trying to get in touch with. (I am desperately trying to adopt this SUPER adorable pug mix!!!) Likewise, I checked my email multiple times more than planned, because I'm waiting to hear a reply from the foster mom of the pug!! cute is he?

So, I have checked my email more than I should've because of his cuteness.

I also broke my no Plurk rule because I needed to ask for prayers. I'm asking them of you now as well (and dear Facebook friends who will see this via Auto-Post.) A good friend of the family, Mrs Jo Ann, is gravely ill. She's battling cancer, and they've started chemo. She is extremely sick and the cancer has spread throughout her body. She is my "mama from another grandmama" I say. She and my mother were best of friends for the last 20 years of my mom's life. Mrs. Jo Ann is one of the sweetest, kindest, loveliest people I've ever known. She will do for others far beyond what she SHOULD do, and will give and give til it takes all from herself. Not that anyone deserves the pain and agony of cancer, but Mrs. Jo Ann has done nothing but serve God her entire life. She is extremely important to me, one of my mother figures. She has always been proud of me, believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. I was able to visit her last night and made sure to let her know just how very much she means to me.

So I did cheat. I got on plurk and asked my friends there for prayers. Because I know they will do it. I know they care about me and know that she is important to me, so I know they (and you) will pray. I just pray she does not suffer and just as she asks, God's will to be done.

So I was not as disconnected yesterday as I should have been, particularly since it was shipping day so I had to spend 1 hour shipping packages. But normally, in between printing shipping labels I'd have been surfing the net, playing on facebook or plurk...but instead I just printed labels, convo'd customers, and got WORK done. It was nice to get it done in a timely fashion instead of being constantly distracted.

I've also perused the net a tad more than I planned today because we are on the crunch to schedule our plans for our yearly church trip in mid October. I've been emailing potential condo owners and waiting to hear back. (Sidebar: is a fabulous way to find great vacation rentals if you ever need such a service.) And that is the ONLY site I used to make these plans, so I was not endlessly searching!!

But once this blog is done, I shall turn it off! I've checked the shops for the day, and will not be shipping again until Monday, so I can get back to relative disconnect (other than obsessive checking about the dog....)

What I have accomplished during my semi-disconnect....I finished reading a book (which probably auto posted to facebook and twitter...) I took the boys to play with friends today, and cleaned up the house.

So, I'm making it! I am jonesing to check facebook, but I'm starting to realize the world will NOT spin off it's axis if I don't get on these sites!

Tomorrow will be running errands with my dad, cleaning and working on my son's attitude. (why did no one tell me age 5 is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad?)

I wonder how my friend Heather is doing on her girl, disconnected?

Please remember to leave me comments if anything earth shattering happens whilst I'm disconnected. And please pray for Mrs. Jo Ann. I do appreciate it.



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