Friday, February 18, 2011

300 sales and a giveaway!!!

Wow! I really can't believe it! My little badge reels shop has hit 300 sales!! I must say, I am really loving making the reels and truly enjoy it. I am very pleased to have found something I enjoy that is also profitable! I love knowing I might bring a little smile to a nurse or teacher during the day!! :)

To celebrate my 300 sales I'm having a giveaway on my fan page! Rules are easy, just comment for an entry!  :)
Check it out here:

And of course be sure to check out my badge reels shops on Etsy and Artfire!!

I also have some coupons for the shops! On my Artfire shop, use the code "facebookfreeship" for Free Shipping!
On my Etsy shop, use the code "freeship" for Free Shipping as well!

Thank you everyone for your support these past two years. What started has one mom's desire to create for her kids has turned into an actual real business!! I appreciate each and everyone of my friends and customers!!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Turn it Off Thursdays....

Hey gang! I've decided to TRY a little experiment. I'll be honest... I don't know if I can do it. I really don't. I'm going to try although this week is not the best to start it, I admit! The kids have been sick so our TV's, Nintendo's, Leapster, etc have been running more than usual!

But I'd like to start trying a TURN IT OFF THURSDAY! What this means, is, basically, turn off all the unnecessary electronics. I realize this is a huge feat, so I'm going to start small. Limiting myself to checking the businesses just 2x each Thursday (1x in the morning, 1x in the evening). Making sure blog posts, team events, etc are all handled before Thursday. Limiting the children's electronics will be interesting, especially since one is still recovering from the flu.....

I'll allow myself to read my kindle, because to me, that's something I should do more, and part of why I want to do Turn it Off Thursdays. I need a day to retreat, read, create, rejuvenate!

This idea was inspired by two handmade friends :) Danyel of Crazy Socks Crochet does Pajama Thursdays. Heather of Heather's Custom Sewing does a No Internet time.I love these girls, and they're right..WE NEED TO UNPLUG!

What also made me think is this YouTube video someone found....Today Show hosts asking in 1994 "What is the internet?"

1994. Really. I was in high school. I remember learning to program on DOS. Now kids can't imagine life without twitter, facebook, or a world where "google" was not a verb. You can see the video here:

It just seems like the world wide web has "always" been around. But it *GASP* hasn't! We survived before without it, we can survive without it again, if we remember to keep it in check. (yes, I do recognize the irony of me writing yet another "unplug" post while you read my BLOG...on the net.....)

So maybe you'll join me on cutting things off once a week or month? Choose something you THINK you can't live without (cell, net, ipod, tv, kindle, etc) and see how it feels to live without it a day. What else can you get accomplished in that time?

Me, I plan to enjoy some time sewing, reading, and just unplugging---everything! (except music...I need my music....)

Will you unplug with me?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed In?

Are you snowed in? Thankfully I'm not, but I live in southern Louisiana, so if I was...well....I think that'd be national news!!

The kids have been sick with the crud, so the littlest one is home from school today (which has been going well by the way, he LOVES school!!) and mommy is just trying to clean, stay on top of things, and get a little time to create!!

Thought I'd take a minute to share a new design of mine...I decided to hand stitch over some fabric for my badge reels...give it a little unique-ness that my other reels don't have. This was a fun way to chill in front of the television..hand stitching the little birdies :)

Available in my Etsy shop, will hopefully be adding more soon as well as to my Artfire shop! :)


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