Sunday, August 29, 2010

5 Years Ago Today...

I was 9 mos pregnant and evacuated for Hurricane Katrina....there is no need for me to go over the nitty gritty details..most of you know them. You know what has happened. We came out of the storm quite spared and were blessed for the most part. So today, as you go about your business....think about those who had to rebuild EVERYTHING, not just from Katrina but from any disaster and be thankful for what you have and those who love you.

Here is where I was 5 years ago! (after we made it back safe and sound and I was about to POP!)

What, you look perkier when you were 9 mos pregnant in southern heat?

Katrina tried to kick our ass but we kicked it back. Who Dat, my friends...Who DAT!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mommyhood IS a Job....

So, there I was, relaxing in the tub, reading the most recent issue of Good Housekeeping. They are celebrating their anniversary (125 years!) and have been reprinting articles from the past. The article that peaked my interest was one from 1960 penned by Betty Friedan. Friedan authored "The Feminine Mystique" (1963) and was a cofounder of NOW (National Organization for Women).  She passed away in 2006.

First off, hats off to Friedan for her successes and achievements in her lifetime and beyond. Assuredly, she inspired MANY women to be their very best.

But, this article struck a different chord with me. Honestly? It insulted me.

Yes, insulted. Here is why.

Friedan writes, "Is THIS all there is?" Friedan describes generations of women who questioned their role in life as a wife and mother...they wanted, yearned for more but were unfulfilled and sad. (Read Friedan's article here.)

Friedan writes about a woman that "Sometimes she goes to a doctor with symptoms she cannot describe, "I have a tired feeling"...."I get so angry with the children it scares me"...I feel like crying without any reason." She may spend years on the analyst's couch, working out her "adjustment to the feminine role," her blocks to "fulfillment as a wife and mother." And an inner voice may say, "That's not it." A woman may life half her lifetime before she has the courage to listen to that voice and know that it is not enough to be a wife and mother, because she is a human being herself. She can't live through her husband and children.."

This is where I turn on the article.

Let me disclaim...I am absolutely grateful for much of the 'feminist movement' and the advances we have seen.  And I am not bashing any working mothers. I wholeheartedly support my fellow women and the choices they make. Naturally there are many, many women who have no choice but to work for a variety of reasons.

But I'm talking about me. This article makes me feel as if I should apologize for my choices. As if I am a lesser woman because I DO enjoy being a wife and mother. This article makes me feel as if I am the odd duck out because I am content, happy, and love my life as a wife and mother! I work on occasion outside the home, but nothing permanent. I do have my own hobbies and things to do that are me and mine alone. Perhaps that IS why I am happy. But even before I started sewing and crafting, I was happy. I was completely content to hold my babies, clean the house, cook for my family and keep our lives orderly.

Being a wife and mother is just fine as a job and lifestyle for me. It IS my job to support my husband however I can as he breaks his back earning a living for us. It IS my job to rear my children and guide them in the roles I want them to play. It IS my job to cook healthy meals, keep a clean house and it is OKAY for me to find satisfaction in that.

Why am I made to feel inferior by this article? Obviously my feelings are mine alone, and perhaps I am interpreting this article wrong. But the way it is written makes me feel as if my choices ARE inferior to other women's.

I've BEEN a working mother. I do not enjoy it. I cannot give my all to my family when I am a working mother....and that is the most important to me. Magazines, books, websites, galore all state "Family First" but why am I made to feel less because I choose to do just that? Why do Stay at Home Moms (SAHM's) be considered to not work? Why is a homemaker NOT a respected and appreciated job?

I do not live THROUGH my husband and children, Mrs Friedan....I live WITH them by supporting, caring for and loving them the best I can....with me being AROUND as much as physically possible.

I'm currently working a temporary full time job in a field I enjoy, and it will soon come to a close. I enjoy the work, the people and don't mind doing it to help out a friend. But honestly, yes...

I want to be home being a wife and mother...and that IS ALL THERE IS for me...

and I love every minute of it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hi ho, Hi ho, off to work I go...again

Sheesh. So, here I go again! Off to work for a short time anyway :) I have to fill in for a coworker while she's out on medical leave for a few weeks. Not the best of timing since my oldest is just starting kindergarten, but we'll make it work!

So I shall be sparse for a bit trying to keep everything rolling!! But I'll be back with tutorials and new stuff hopefully real soon! Tutorials are in the works for easy zipper pouch, taggie blanket and more!

See you soon!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daily Handmade Picks---Check it out!

Yes, I created ANOTHER blog! I know, I know, I have enough to do, but this blog is pretty darn easy to  maintain. :) If you want to be featured, you just check out the blog and fill out the form on the right hand side. It's fairly easy peasy and readers see one cool handmade pick her day! :)

I hope you'll check it out!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Green and Clean with Micro Mops!

Hey gang! If you haven't heard yet, I have a little shop with my friend Dee called Micro Mops! Our goals are simple---keep your world clean, green and on a budget!! We aim for products that save you money and time!

Our most popular products are our Reusable Swiffer Wet Jet Pads. These nifty little pads keep you from having to toss out all those disposable pads! I'm still using my original set of pads I made myself over a year ago!

We also have Reusable Swiffer Sweeper Pads, Magnets, Altered Clothespins, Grocery Bag Holders, Clothespin Bags, Free Tips, Cleaning Mixes and Recipes and more! If it saves you time, money and is eco friendly, we're hoping to have it in the shop!

Do you have a green tip you can share with us?  Or perhaps you have a non green confession? I have one. One of my time savers is not very eco friendly or cheap. I use paper plates for the kids little snacks. I suppose in the long run it's not horribly un-eco-friendly---after all, I'm not using extra loads of water and soap in cleaning my dishes right? Okay, I honestly don't know what is worse on the earth and my pocketbook, the paper plates or the extra dishes cleaning---but using the plates saves me time and sanity!!!

You can also check us out on Artfire!!!

So, if you need some (mostly) green items for keeping your house clean and save you some time, hop on over to Micro Mops. Our altered clothespins and magnets are also a pretty way to dress up your fridge and office and make your boring to-do's a little less boring!

Thanks for taking a peek! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to School Shopping Time!!

Hey gang! I thought I'd share some of the fab back to school sales from my friends!

10% Off at Aunti Franni's!
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Check out this cute Cheer USB/Chapstick Case for your little cheerleader!

The Beaded Branch is also having a 10% off sale! Maybe you need something pretty for YOURSELF to go back to teaching, or a special gift for that special teacher in your life? Check out this beautiful choker:

CNewcomb is having a 10% off sale also with his nifty woodwork pieces. Keychains, wall hangings and more! This cute Wall Hanging would be great in your classroom, or you child's room.

My own Artfire shop,, Mama's Little Monkeys is having a 10% off sale! Back to school ponytails, badge reels for teachers/staff, cleaning supplies, and more!
One of my other personalities, Badge Reels is having a Free US Shipping on EVERYTHING through the month of August :) Also now on Artfire with a 30% off sale!!

My Cafemom Teammate Jonie at Childish Thoughts is having a sale also! For the whole month of August, 20% off all items. Refunded after payment or wait for revised invoice. You'll find crayon and car rolls, backpacks, clothes and more!

Two Sugar Peas is having a BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!!! 10% off all orders over $25 and 15% off all orders over $50. Discount dose not apply to shipping and will be refunded by Paypal within 24 hours of ordering.

Free Shipping through the month of August in Hooked Keepsakes Check her out for crochet goodies!

Amanda at Chloe Boutique has 10% off and Free Shipping in Louisiana. Find her on Etsy and Artfire!

Jodie Flowers has a special: Buy 2 patches and get the 3rd surprise patch for Free!! Same with the book bugs - Buy 2, get the 3rd surprise bug for FREE! :)
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Over at Hailey's Beads and Bows You'll find
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Check out these super cute locker magnets from

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So Happy School Year Everyone! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Easy Blanket Tutorial--Impatient Craftaholic Series

Time for another tutorial! Let's make a nifty blanket!


Fabric 1 you want (I used minky)
Fabric 2 you want (I used cotton) The yardage is really up to you. You just want Fabric 2 to be larger than Fabric 1 by about 2-3 inches on all 4 edges if you lay them down (pics below).
Sewing Machine
Thread and usual sewing notions
Frosty Cold Drink (or Toasty Hot Drink if it's winter when you make this)

Helpful tip: If this blanket is for a child, you can usually get by with 1 yard of each of your fabrics, you'll just have to cut Fabric 1 smaller than Fabric 2 to do your overlap.

Step One:
Lay our your fabric. In my case, my cotton was my larger piece. Lay this piece out WRONG SIDE UP, completely spread out. Lay your smaller fabric (minky in my case) on top of the cotton RIGHT SIDE UP. Center it, almost like the cotton is a border around the minky.

Step Two:
Be interrupted by your child.

Step Three:
Fold your cotton over once til it meets the edge of the minky. If you've gotten everything nice and centered this will go smoothly. You may have to cut some cotton if you have too much.

Step Four:

Fold the cotton again so it overlaps the minky and pin.

Step Five:

Continue this all the way around. When you get to the corners you can fold a sort of V, almost as if you were wrapping a package.

Step Six:
Now your cotton should be folded all around your minky on every edge and pinned. If you're really in the mood you can iron the overlap at this point to make it nice and crisp. BE CAREFUL if you are using minky though because you should not directly iron minky. Iron depending on your fabric's needs. Or be like me, impatient and just head to the sewing machine.

Step Seven:
To the sewing machine!! Use your regular or walking foot and sew a straight stitch all the way around the blanket close to the edge where the cotton meets the minky. This assures you go through all the layers and your blanket is secure. If you'd like you can do an extra stitch along the OUTSIDE edge of the blanket, but you don't have to. I did not. IMPATIENT, remember?

Step Eight:
When you get to the corners, I generally go down the corner to the tip, turn around and go back down, resuming the straight stitch after turning the fabric where it needs to go. This is up to you and how you want your stitches to look.

Step Nine:

Continue this all around your blanket to secure all the corners. You should not backstitch with a walking foot, so if you used one, you may want to put your regular foot back on to secure your starting and stopping point. Note, I did not, because I'm impatient and the blanket is holding up just fine.

Step Ten:
Give to your favorite little person! :) You can mix this up with various fabric types. I've made some beautiful blankets with satin overlapping minky. Do remember when working with minky or satin or other slippery, stretchy fabrics, pinning or clipping is your friend, and walking foots help with layers!

Enjoy! Just keep swimming! :)


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