Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cafemom Etsy Moms Pre Holiday Sale

Cafemom Etsy Moms Pre-Holiday Sale

Starting October 1st and lasting until October 31st the talented Cafemom Etsy Moms are having a Pre-Holiday Sale! Each store is offering a great pre-holiday promotion. Be sure to check out all of the shops to see what each talented Cafemom Etsy Mom has to offer!

To get your Pre-Holiday Sale discount use the Code "Moms Rock" in the notes to seller, to receive discounts in the following Etsy Stores:

Rockerchic For Girls

Funky Stuff for your Punky Princess!

25% Discount on purchases over $20

The Curious Spork

A Sporktakular Mix Of Ladies Clothing and Jewelry

25% Discount on purchases over $10

Turtle Girl Crafts

Everything Your Baby Needs to Stay Hip and Funky

15% OFF Everything before Shipping (Excludes Special Orders and Shipping Costs)

Lil' Turtle Mama Crafts

Everything Mama Needs to be Funky

20% OFF Everything before Shipping (Excludes Special Orders and Shipping Costs)

Handmade By Andrea Baker

Aprons, business card cozies, grocery bag cozies, sewn goods.

25% Discount on purchases over $10

Mama's Little Monkeys

10% off orders over 10$(EXCLUDING Wendy's Children's Wear)

Fleur De Ink

15% off orders over 10$


(Gypsy/witchy-style jewerly)

30% Off aside from custom

Rock Mama Punk Baby

Handmade punk rock baby and mommy things too!

Free Shipping on all Skull Caps from baby to adult.

31 Summers

20% off all orders over $15 (before shipping)

Mountaineer Candle Company

Specializing in gel candles, soy candles and wax dipped bears.

10% off purchases over $15.00

CurlyMonkey Organic Apparel for Baby and Kids

Free Shipping on orders to US

Ms. J Creations

Hair Accessories and a little more

10% off orders over $10 before shipping


30% Off all orders, excluding custom OTHER THAN baubles.

Bauble special orders qualify for the discount.

Little Daisy Designs

Sweet Clothing for your Little Sweetie

10% off all orders

Free shipping to all US orders

Windy City Soaps

10% of all orders over $10 before shipping

Cinnamon & Spice Crafts

15% off orders over $10.00 (before shipping)

Little Papoose

Free Shipping


Unique children's items and hair bows

10% off orders over $15 before shipping, excludes custom orders and oopses

SugarBug Slings

Ring sling infant/toddler carriers

Free Priority Mail US Shipping

1/2 Price Priority Mail International Shipping (that's only $6.50 anywhere outside the US!!!)


Handmade Fun Felt Goodies!

20% off $10 or more (before shipping).


Handmade Infant Gifts and Children's Hairbows

Free U.S. Shipping

Brooke Ann's Boutique

Get 10% off all orders over $15 before shipping

Style Accents

Children's clothing and bedding. Fashion accessories for mom.

10% off on orders over $15, before shipping.

busy little elf

Handmade toys for boys(and girls), delightfully whimsical prints and more

15% off orders below $25(excludes shipping)

25% off orders over $25 (excludes shipping)

Cozy Cabin Creations

Purchase 2 or more items and first class shipping (U.S. only) is FREE!

Hiccups Boutique

FREE SHIPPING on ALL purchases over $20!

Andrea Evans Design


25% OFF EVERYTHING IN ENTIRE SHOP!!! (excludes shipping)

Bows For Baby

15% discount on an order over $10 before shipping.

Create Me A Canvas

Free Shipping US orders only

Sassy and Dapper

20% off

Me and Matilda

10% off all orders over 15.00 (excludes shipping)


10% Off all orders over 20.00 (excludes shipping)

20% Off all orders over 50.00 (excludes shipping)


Creations for mama and baby

Free US shipping on any item

Kaleidescope Jewels

15% off (excludes shipping)

Do Not Disturb

10% off all October Orders

15% off all Hoiday Ship Cakes

Honeybee's Creations

15% off everything(excludes shipping


Fresh and fun photo jewelry.

10% OFF Everything before Shipping (Excludes Shipping Costs)

Creations by Toni

20% off all orders over $15.


Magnifique offers Bath Bombs, Powdered Bath Fizzies and Yummy Lip Balms!

20% Off All Orders Over $15 Excluding Shipping. FREE SHIPPING for Silicon Valley Residents!

Meagan's Designs

25% off everything

Kaedan Krafts

BOGO 1/2 off

Trinity's Tutus

10 percent off everything in store ( excludes shipping)

ae baby

a boutique for mom & baby

10% off all purchases in October, excludes shipping

Little Lovlies Boutique

Free Shipping within US Only for all orders over $20.


custom tutus for princesses of all ages!

10% off your order OR Buy 2 tutus and get free shipping!

Donna Pool Designs

25% off all puzzle balls and photographs

Through the rainbow

Free shipping on fabric appliques only.


20% off all orders over $15


Sock Monkeys, Sock Plushies and more....

Free U.S Shipping, With the purchase of Two or More items

Leaky Mouth

All Items-- buy one get second 1/2 off!


20% off anything you see!

Hopscotch Square

anything in my store 10% off (not including shipping)

carry kids clothes (infant-toddler) baby blankets, aprons, "play"capes, hairbows

Tizz Olsen

20% off all WRAPPED baby wraps. including custom made, and lil' wrappers

Busy bee!

I am still alive, just super busy and have not had time to do featured artists on either blog in a little bit! :) I promise I have a list and will get to it ASAP! :)

In the meantime, check out the items in both my shops that support breast cancer research!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Week's Featured Artist is...

Mogen Creative! :) I'm terribly sorry that I am behind this week! I was trying to get some subjects to feature because I want to feature some artists who may not be in the spotlight as much as others!

And this weeks artist most certainly SHOULD be in the spotlight!

Whether it's royalty free digital art, her amazing artwork or a super cute piece of work done by the budding artist in the family.. this is a great place to find what you need or want! :)

Now you can learn a little about this amazing artist!

1)Tell us a little about yourself:
I'm a SAHM - proud, and thankful to be. I've been married almost 4 years, I've learned the secret to being treated like a queen in my marriage is to treat my man like a knight in shining armor - boy does it work! and I have one spirited little one-year-old daughter who discovered what a snail is today.

2) What do you create and why?
I'm an artist - both the old fashioned, paint and canvas type, and the techno graphic designer type. I think I was 7 when I really became a doodle-head. I found it was easier to consentrate in school if I was drawing, so I started doing it all the time. Lots of doodling school time, and art classes later, here I am, a grown-up mom, and still a doodle-head.

3.) What things will we find in your shop?
Featured in my shop are my most recent pieces of work. A lot of pieces I have in my shop I actually did in High school and college. But the featured work I've done in the last couple of months.

4) What is your favorite piece and why?
My favorite peice has got to be "Atlas." It's a beautiful display of daddy-child love, and the tittle reflects the image from a mom's eyes. To a mom, her kid is her world, and the man that carries that child on his shoulders is a hero. Instead of being a simple display of "I can draw something cool," this painting has a deeper meaning, and takes my art to a deeper level.

5.) What inspires you to be on Etsy?
It means I can share my art with the world, not just the local folks that might come to a local gallery show, or look at my living room wall.

6)What are your short and long term goals with your work?
Short term goal - just make a couple sales and couple of friends. Long term goal - I'd like to further go down a line of one style of art, rather than the ecclectic blend I have now, and see about getting high-quality prints available.

7) Anything you'd like to add?
Never ask a kid "what's that supposed to be?" when they show you their art. Just say "tell me about what you made." Kids are awesome at being creative; and grown-ups too often hinder that side of them.

Thank you MogenCreative for being so helpful and answering my questions! I especially love answer 7! I learned that as an early childhood educator and it is SO true! Through out the coloring books and let your children's imaginations run wild!

Now for some of her awesome work!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cheesecake and Coffee

:) That got your attention now didn't it! :) MUH-HA HA (evil laugh). I realize I should be doing more actual blogging..*sigh*. So here we go....ummmmmmm. Oh right, I have a BRAND SPANKING NEW shop to tell
you about! (look I even made it clickable...just click it darnit..)

WHAT is Fleur De Ink you ask? WELL....I have such fun making my flower pens (and actually had some sales!) that I decided they did not so much go with the whole theme of my other Etsy shop Soo, I decided to make one solely dedicated to flower pens...hence..FLEUR DE INK! :)

I have many pens already listed and many more I NEED to list! As well as a custom listing I will have available with pics of the flower choices and you can customize your pens from that listing! I'm very excited about the soon coming arrival of my assorted colors of floral tape!! (Yes, I get easily excited.)
So now I can go nuts with the color choices!

Not to mention, thanks to a fellow Etsian, The Curious Spork, I will soon have some adorable polymer clay charms to adorn my pens with! This excites me tremendously (again...easily done...) because I plan to put out support flower pens, primarily in October for Breast Cancer Awareness and I will be donating 10% of the purchase price to support Breast Cancer research and awareness. (More charities will follow.)

I am also pleased to show off some wedding inspired pens! Flower pens make a beautiful addition to your guestbook or as party favors! I can certainly help you out with that! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This Week's Featured Artist is....

Love To Stamp! :) Despite, being evacuated..I cannot contain the Etsy addiction! Therefore, I'm carrying on in my blogging, forums, etc. I may not be able to create but I can blog damnit! :)

Soooo....carry on to check out Love to Stamp's Awesome handmade work! ( I'm a liiitttle biased towards her because she was one of my first banner purchases...isn't it pretty?!)

LovetoStamp (or LTS, as I like to call her..) is a stay at home mother of two boys and makes the coolest paper crafts! She's a member of the long lusted after, rarely attained "Cafemom Etsy Moms". Check us out at:

Don't just go by what's in the store...send her a convo...her creative mind is always working and I bet she can make a card just for you. Forget mass card want to send a card that was HANDMADE!

Not only will you find journals, gift tags and of course all sorts of nifty cards...including birthday, funny, all occassion, friendship, baby and mature!

Enjoy her work and click the pics to see them up close and personal! And in case you missed the obviously linking to her shop: www.


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