Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Top Ten Songs

These are my (current) top ten favorite songs. What are yours?
(Songs link to the videos when I could find them) :)

Honorary Mention:
 "Movin' On"  by Rascal Flatts I loved country very much once upon a time, and still like many country songs...and I think even an non country fan can appreciate this song.

10. "Goodbye to Love" by The Carpenters-- So sad, soulful, and unlike their normal bubbly tunes.

9. "Woman in Chains" by Tears for Fears--Hard to pick just one, but this one is the best.

8. "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor Yes, I know Prince wrote and originally performed this song. He is a rock God. But her version is such a symbol of my pre-teen--teenage years. That video is burned in my brain. And she's so raw in this song.

7. "Tears" by Rush My husband LOVES Rush. Like the way I love Amos Lee. And most of their songs are eh for me because I don't so much care for hair rock. But this song is amazing.

6. "And So It Goes" by Billy Joel Really? Pick one Billy Joel song? Too hard.

5. "Wait" by Benjy Davis Project This band is so young, yet so wise, and the lyrics to this song is a fantastic story.

4. "Vultures" by John Mayer. Not one of his more popular songs but awesome.

3. "Must be the Water" by Marc Broussard. A very Louisiana song with soul and booty shaking.

2. "Black River" by Amos Lee. Song writing at it's finest.

1. "Imagine" by John Lennon. Does it really get better than that?
1. (1st place Tie) "Oh My Love" by John Lennon. He is and always will be the best songwriter ever.

What are YOUR top ten favorite songs?

Hope you enjoy mine!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fabricholics---Allow me to be your pimp...

I have too much fabric. Yes. It IS true. It is possible. I know, I know, WHAT? How can one have TOO much fabric???

But alas, I do! (With more on the way!)

So I have started my own Destash shops both on Etsy and Artfire!

Come check it out and allow me to be your fabric pimp! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

What the Baby Books Don't Tell You.

Life has been insane as a mommy lately due to circumstances beyond my control. Here are some things I've learned thus far in my 4 years as a mommy.

1. Whatever you planned to happen--chuck it.

2. Your child will take off a poopy diaper at some point. Be ready.

3. Sex? No thanks. Hand me the comforter, hot stuff.

4. You will get lots of unsolicited advice. Take it, some of it may work.

5. You will get lots of unsolicited advice. What you don't take---learn to say, "feel free to take the monsters if you can do better."

6. You cannot blame farts on your kid once they start talking.

7. Once you breastfeed, you appreciate breasts on a whole new level. So will your husband. Particularly when you wean.

8. There actually ARE worse pains than UNMEDICATED, INDUCED childbirth. Leaking spinal fluid is one.

9. Things you previously didn't care about, like health care, politics, education, suddenly become very important. And you suddenly feel very nervous, scared and vomit a little knowing there really isn't a damn thing you can do about most of it.

10. When in doubt..get out some bubble wrap. Kids love it. (Just don't leave em alone with it.)

11. You can watch old Sesame Streets and pretend it's for the kids.

12. You dream about murdering Elmo and telling your child Elmo had an 'incident'.

13. You will literally knock out a 300 lb nurse if need be when your child is in pain.

14. You respect your husband and your mother a helluva a lot more.

15. You make up stupid songs to do stupid things. Whatever makes your kid smile. "Who has a poopy?" Sounds way more fun to your kid if you sing it.

16. Feel free to criticize another parents choice in hot topics (breastfeeding, circumcision, vaccinations,) but be FULLY prepared to back up YOUR side and don't berate the other parent. Also be ready for a hearty slap. You probably deserved it.

17. You can buy your kid all the organic food in the world and feed your kids 100% healthy. But let the kid have some FUN for crying out loud.

18. You will say these words way more than you ever wanted to: breasts, testicles, mucous, poop, placenta, and snot. Get used to it.

19. You should always, always choose the nap. It does not matter the options.

20. Remember to do something for YOU. Also remember it may fall to heck as soon as a mini you needs something.

Last but not least, remember children are the greatest gift God can give us and it is up to us to respect, love, honor and care for our children.

Now get off the computer and go hug your kids.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Semi Wordless Wednesday

In honor of my sister coming home from Seattle to New Orleans to hopefully soon meet two new granddaughters.

From RainwolfStudios

And from savoiefairephoto

And for our soon to be here baby girls, Sophie and Kenzy....more cute babies ! :)
From AllThingsBelle

From Swifferkins

Can't wait til my sister is back home and the baby girls are HERE! :)


**All images are copyright of the artisan. Please respect their quality work and PURCHASE the items from THEIR shops if you are drawn to them!

Monday, August 17, 2009

MOM ATTACK!! Cafemommers ATTACK!

Every two weeks, the Cafemom Street Team chooses a worthy Cafemommer and ATTACKS their shop(s)! Why do we do this?

Well, because Cafemommers ROCK of course!! We have some of the BEST artisans on Etsy, Artfire, and MORE and we're proud of it! Our members deserve some props so each week admins choose a member who fits several criteria including, supporting team members, participation, and of course all around awesomeness!

This week the lucky attack victim is CELYN, from CosmicCleanBody, GlazedUponGlass, and HandmadebyCelyn. Celyn has been a member of the Cafemom Street Team since October 2007 and is always there for other moms. I like to call her one of our sensible ones :) She's supportive, funny, creative and happy! Celyn has personally been fantastically kind to me when I began learning to make soap and she even collaborates with me to make my handmade laundry detergent! I use her awesome Cold Process soap in it!

Celyn is a great Cafemommer and I'm proud to encourage everyone to visit her shops and find something unique for you! She surely has SOMETHING you can use!

So Everyone ATTACK!!!



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Get ready for some cool gifts!

Alas, despite the summer heat down here, it is indeed approaching the biggest shopping season of the year! Now, personally, I do not actually celebrate Christmas but am more than happy to provide lots of shopping for everyone else :) I also love to stalk the sales and see what's up for grabs during the holiday season!

Times are tough, money is tight. So perhaps it is more your idea this year to find one, good, meaningful, unique gift for your special someones? If that's you, keep reading because you can find lots of unique gifts on from thousands of talented artisans. The coolest thing is you can search from various gift guides to fit your needs! And because searches are random, you'll likely find something new each time you search!!

Here are some of MY faves!

Funky, unique magnets by PicardCreative.

Fantastic Baby Items in awesome colors and prints from a Louisiana resident,

Fabulous cupcake soaps--do not eat, Norma is not responsible for your butt bubbles!!

Or maybe you want to get ready for fall now with this awesome handmade leaf bowl from Harmon Art!

No matter what you're looking for, search the Artfire Gift Guides for all your gifts in ANY season!! :)

Of course, if you'd like to purchase from MY Lovely shops I can be found in a few gift guides myself :)


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Trip to Sams--A Comedy of Errors

Setting: Hot, sweaty, southern Louisiana
Time: Mid Morning (5 o'clock somewhere)
Characters: Tired Mommy, almost 4 yr old know it all and barely lingual 18 mo old.

Scene One:
Mommy realizes she needs food. Now. As well as business supplies to fulfill an order. Planned trip to Evil Empire tomorrow with PawPaw is too far away. Bacon is needed. Now.

Mommy pries children from electronic devices, fills her trusty reusable water bottle with water, throws Goldfish in her handmade reusable snack bag and loads monkeys into car. Hot, hot car.

Family jams to Amos Lee on short ride there, monkeys are peaceful.

Scene Two:
Arrival at Sams, aka, the inner circle of hell.
Mommy loads screaming toddler into basket, clueless to the reason for his screams. Mommy nearly throws back out sticking nearly 4 yr old in the dual seat of the super handy Sam's buggy/cart/whatever you call it because he MUST ride with baby brother.

Whilst Mommy throws back out, toddler throws reusable water bottle on the concrete, thus busting open the top and spilling the water all over the ground leaving us with nothing to drink. Toddler then gets mad there is no more water. Doesn't understand Mommy's explanation of who's fault THAT is.

Mommies ovaries shrink a little more during this conversation.

Scene Three:
Mommy manages to find Sam's Card and enters the air conditioned heaven/hell of Sam's Club. Monkeys are at peace munching on colored goldfish (mommy's last 'splurge' as the monkeys normally must eat the whole wheat goldfish). Business supplies are bought, Mommy happily finds a Glen Beck and Dick Morris book and snaps them up with the illusion that she'll actually get to READ said books at night before passing out.

Scene Four:
A lizard is spotted on a buggy near the bread. Mommy pushes thoughts of sanitation departments out of her head and enjoys the moment of discussing with the nearly 4 yr old that the lizard is shopping! Whatever could a lizard be shopping for? Cookies, it's decided...which Mommy also adds to her basket. Goodbyes are said to lizard.

Scene Five:
Barely lingual toddler spots the cookies in the buggy. Excited that he appropriately says, "More", Mommy allows monkeys to partake of chocolate chip cookie. Toddler promptly ruins outfit that had only been worn less than an hour. Mommy visualizes the never ending pile of laundry and notes appointment for hearing screening in the afternoon for toddler, so costume change will be necessary. Mommy mentally notes cloth diapers need washing as well....dishes need to be unloaded....

On plus side, nearly 4 yr old is well adapt at eating gooey cookies in 30 seconds flat and leaves no crumbs behind.

Scene Six:
Shopping is nearly done, Mommy bravely ignores the liquor aisle and heads onward. Nearly 4 yr old has not lost his handmade stuffed bird OR Slinky the entire trip. Toddler is chocolately but not screaming his head off and is again obsessively playing with his shoes. (Mommy makes mental note to mention shoe obsession during toddler's evaluation.)
Checkout lines are small and check out is somewhat speedy.

Scene Seven:
Mommy's credit card is denied. Twice. Another card is tried. Denied. Twice. Visions of identity theft run through Mommy's head. Mommy is forced to put purchases on debit cards, which would not be a problem except this purchase also included the Sam's renewal/selling your soul to the devil/charge and the bill is far higher than anticipated. Mommy is thankful Daddy gets paid tomorrow.

Nearly 4 yr old begs for Icee. Seeing he has wrapped his slinky through and around the cart in a very yoga like fashion, Mommy denies request for icee. Toddler becomes angry at shoes and starts to scream. Apparently the shoes are not listening to toddler's king like demands.

Elderly people behind Mommy begin to shoot dirty looks. Mommy is too busy wiping off chocolate, trying 8 different credit cards and denying Icee requests to tell elderly people they are MORE than welcome to take the monkeys for a day if they can do it better.

Scene Eight:
Almost out the door! Shoes are dropped, handmade stuffed bird named Scout is suffocating under boxes, Mommy waits her turn for the all powerful Green Highlighter Holder to mark her paper that states she is allowed to leave the chambers of hell. All hail the green highlighter. Mommy ponders if there are different levels of power in the highlighter, each color means a new level of Satanic power?

Scene Nine:
Mommy manages to load groceries in the trunk despite the fact that Daddy has yet again left the pack and play in the trunk after a trip. Mommy shoves, amazingly fixes her own back that she ironically threw out upon first arrival, by shoving a ginormous box of baby wipes in trunk. Still angry at the shoes toddler is safely secured in his seat, and slinky is extricated from the buggy, and four year old is secure in his seat. The journey home begins.
Mommy nearly wipes out an old lady in the parking lot, hopes she's not on her 8th life.

Mommy explains yet again the rule for Popsicles (after nap) and explains AGAIN what will happen after nap.

All in all, trip to hell complete with only minimal damage, a little science lesson on lizards and only one curse word said by Mommy.

Mommy only glances at the drive through daiquiri shop on the way home.

This time.

The End.


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