Tuesday, February 25, 2014

March Away from Facebook

I am getting the shakes already. Can I do it? Can I actually commit and follow through? Is my willpower enough?

What am I doing away with? Soda? Nope, did that in February! WOOT! Cigarettes? Nope, I don't smoke. Wine? Hahahahhahaha.

Facebook. I'm taking a March break from Facebook.

Now, before you laugh hysterically, let me preface...I am not doing away with ALL social media. (baby steps, baby steps.) I am doing 99% away from Facebook. I say 99% away because there are still 1-2 groups I am either in charge of or need to check in on, such as the local Home School Co-op. If I need to tell my students' parents something, I may need to hop on our Facebook group and do so. But that's it...no sharing, no updates, no group discussions, no banging my head against the keyboard.

Now, before you yell at me on March first that something posted....hang on. My Instagram is connected to my Facebook so I will share from time to time,  Instagram pics just as I do now. My flickr is also connected, although I am grossly neglecting my photography as of late. There's probably a few other things that auto post that I forget about like running apps and My Fitness Pal, etc. So if something pops up, don't start yelling at me that I'm on Facebook.

So why am I doing this? Well, I don't actually have any issues with Facebook, I feel like I can manage it effectively. I don't feel the need to post every time I eat a sandwich. (although a successful gluten free baked good deserves sharing.) I tend to check it from time to time during the day when the kids are busy with school work and then at night when I'm snug in my bed with a dog and yarn.

I have met a HUGE number of AWESOME people via Facebook, from a variety of interests that we have in common such as motherhood, homeschooling, gluten free, opposing Common Core, handmade business owners, crocheters, craft addicts and more. I've met amazing people and am forever grateful to Facebook for that. But sometimes you need a break. Sometimes you need to step away from the screen and focus on other things.

So, if you see me on Facebook here are the things I'm allowed to do:
Check in on the local co-op.
Plan and share an upcoming Common Core/Homeschooling workshop I am organizing. I may not have the contact of people other than Facebook, so if I need to message them I may have to do so via Facebook.

Other than that, if it's not an 'auto post' or connected app, TELL ME TO GET OFF FACEBOOK!

The world will NOT end I'm not on Facebook and maybe, just maybe, I'll get some stuff done.

To stay in touch, follow me on Instagram, www.instagram.com/mamaslittlemonkeys and if you really want to go old school, message me on Facebook for my email address and let's EMAIL! Or REALLY really old school and WRITE A LETTER!??? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

But really, if you honestly need to contact me and have no other way, you can send a facebook message, those can pop up independently of Facebook so I can sorta cheat that way.....

I'm a little leery that I can actually do this.....Getting the shakes already.

Could you March Away from Facebook?



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