Saturday, June 30, 2012

His Name is Artoo....

and he's a piggie. A brown guinea piggie.... and he's new to our house. My son has been begging for one ever since his grandmother took him to a local pet shop and he realized how cheap they were. After I explained to my son that he had to prove he could take on the care of a piggie (with major oversight by me, he is SIX after all...) he was on a mission. Saving his money, checking out books from the library. (parents, there is actually a book called "How to Convince Your Parents You Can Care for a Guinea Pig.") He did his research and when he chose piggie over video game, I figured he was ready.

So Artoo (R2D2 for you non nerds), is now an official family member. He'll be getting a buddy next week when the new babies come in, since we did NOT want to raise a gazillion baby guinea pigs, we have to wait for a male for my younger son to have. He shall be named Yoshi.

I admit, he's stinking cute. That little nose, whiskers and furry body. So cute. He's a baby so he's still getting used to us. Thankfully our dog has yet to figure out he even exists (some bloodhound she is...) He's a quiet piggie, enjoying his lettuce, carrots and oranges and can definitely get into some stuff. He's adorable. I understand the addiction now, you piggie owners....

Seriously look at that face. He's either the cutest thing ever...

or he's plotting our deaths while we's hard to tell.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Duct Tape Waterbed...Pinterest Idea on Crack..

Time for another Pinterest inspired activity. I swear Pinterest will make me fat and drunk but a crafty, fun mom! The original post is here:, which is a really cool blog about sensory, play and having fun with your kids.

So, we splurged on the plastic sheeting (18.00 for two, you use only one at a time.) and some more duct tape and turned on the water!

Fold over the 15x25 3.5 mil plastic sheeting so its folded in half and duct tape the three open sides. Now this SOUNDS super easy. It's not. Its a pain in the arse, particularly if you decide to do it alone, without grown up assistance, outside in 90 degree heat. Once I moved the process inside, put on a movie for the boys, and got comfy on the floor, it got easier.

Once you get most of the 3 sides taped up, head outside, insert a hose into an open space, and tape it closed around the hose. Turn on water, mix a frosty cold beverage and wait. And wait, wait, wait, because it takes a REALLY long time to fill up a huge water bed. Check your tape for leaks and get tipsy on your blueberry vodka lemonade.

Once the bed fills up, remove the hose and force your children on it. Why force? Because despite the fact that the older child BEGGED you to make this, he's inside boycotting all outside activities and watching a movie because you implemented a no video game policy. So you let the little one enjoy it for awhile solo.

That's my picky eater....can you tell from the skinny body? Sigh. Feel free to come make him eat...I dare you..come on over.

Then add a hose and force the older child out to have some non electronic fun. Then sit back, drink more, and watch as they realize it IS fun outside and they WILL NOT die from mommy's ideas.

What's awesome about adding a hose is this turns the waterbed into THE.BEST.SLIP.N.SLIDE.EVER. Because not only is it squishy and jumpable, it's now SLIPPERY. You cannot resist the awesomesauce.

I don't know why it's so hard to get my older son's photograph...he either makes a weird face or turns right before I snap. I think it's a conspiracy.

And this is why I love my husband. Because after a hard day turning wrenches, he is willing to throw on his bathing suit and water slide in the front yard without questioning WHY there is a giant waterbed in his front yard.

It was a ton of fun. I'm glad we have one more plastic sheet left, which we'll use again after the front grass grows back from our two days of watersliding. We made such a mess that the water ran into the neighbors side of the yard, and he had to put on boots just to go fetch his trashcan. But he's such an awesome neighbor, he just smiled, and after I apologized for the water, he replied, "Kids have to have fun, it's hot out!" I love retired, grandpa neighbors. (Did I mention he's done plumbing work for me? I'm going to miss him when we finally sell our house.)

I bet we were a site for people passing by, and I know I probably turned into Scary Mommy once or twice on this day but I hope they remember the sliding and the water and the fun.

I know I will.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Crochet, Colors, Humor and Fun...

I'm a secret blog reader. I don't have time to read a ton, but when I do, these are the ones I choose. They're a mix of all that makes life, well life.

Here are some blogs I LOVE that inspire me and make me smile. (or cry sometimes.)

Attic 24. Lovely blog of crochet, color and life in the UK. She has great, easy to follow patterns also in my fave style..the granny.

Crocheting With Raymond. Again fun colors, a cute cat, and awesome patterns.

The Bloggess. Seriously, she had me Beyonce' the chicken. Do not read her blog or book if you are in a social situation where it is inappropriate to laugh out loud.

This is Not That Blog. Funny-ness in Cartoon form.

Diary of a Mad Woman. Raw, Serious, Funny, Sad, Joy....this local woman is my hero.

Kevin and Amanda. I want to hate them, I do. They're so cute. And crafty, and pretty. But I can't, I just can't.

YoungHouseLove. Another couple I want to hate. But I can't. I take solace in these 'perfect' bloggers that they aren't perfect and are merely showing us the side of life that hides the boogers wiped on walls by your small people.

Smashed Peas and Carrots. A lovely mama who I have had the pleasure of "meeting" online and her blog is one that makes me happy and want to find joy in parenting. And Congrats Maggie on the new carrot!! :)

Yarn Harlot. Funny, yarnie humor. And I still like her even though she's not a hooker.

Stark.Raving.Mad.Mommy. She makes being a mom of a special needs child fun and awesome.

The Peaceful Mom. Proof you do NOT need to be a gazillionaire to make it work.

There are many more I like and I wish I got to read all these all the time but I don't. I skim when I can, catch up when I can, but I can always go there for inspiration, a laugh or smile.

What do you read when you are in need of inspiration? Or need a laugh??

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Imbibing and Debauchery....Summer Style

I saw this fabulous recipe on Pinterest and knew I HAD to try it. Originally from this blog, Keep It Simple Foods...I had to give it a go.


                                                   ©Amy Dutsch 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm Bored

Soooooooooooo tired of hearing "I'm Bored" already. My boys are being weaned off the video games they have grown too accustomed to and are having difficulty learning to adapt. So I created a list for them to refer to. It's also helpful for me because I usually just say, "Find something to do" Well now they can concretely refer to the list.

Feel free to share :)

Bored List2

Friday, June 15, 2012

Kids--Redneck Water Sprinkler

Saw this on facebook, had to replicate.

Stab holes in a 2 liter water bottle. Duct Tape to hose, throw over tree branch. Instant "rain" sprinkler.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pinterest Inspired--Colorful Sprite

I saw this super cute idea on Pinterest about putting Kool-Aid ice cubes in Sprite. I saw this post pinned and had to replicate!

Instead of mixing up Kool-Aid (because the only reason I buy Kool Aid is to dye yarn, so I'm not using it to DRINK!) I used PowerAde ready to serve. I poured PowerAde into ice cubes, and once frozen, put in a glass of Sprite for the munchkins. Add a crazy straw and it's perfect!

Best part is, as the ice melts not only does it flavor the Sprite but you can crush it up and eat it, slushie like!!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

When Mommy Took the Games Away

Scary Mommy came out recently. I’m not proud of that, nor am I hoping she comes back…but it’s kind of good she did.

Scary Mommy…you know her. She yells, she curses, she disciplines too severely for a small offense. But if she’d handled the offense correctly in the FIRST place, she’d not have gotten scary!

I literally had had enough, and left my children with their father who needed to get his behind up since it was 10 a.m. on a Sunday. Now, granted, it was my fault I was tired and exhausted and a smidgen hungover because we had a fun awesome time the night before. But I’d had it.

The fighting, hitting, screaming, COMPLAINING, the complaining. (Yes I realize the irony that I am now, currently, complaining.) It’s summer, I realize, and they are used to constantly being on the go during school. But enough was enough.

After I ran out for my meltdown, (which was, in reality for their safety.) I came back, refreshed. And with a new plan.

They were promptly punished from ALL video game/screen time including TV. Husband and I discussed cracking down on the attitude and the little stuff we let them slide on. It was time to reunite with Agnes…
I’m not going to lie and say it was the easiest week. They still got put in corners, got fussed at, lost other privileges. (Most notably, the elder child lost his new Mario figurines because he decided it’d be awesome fun to dump old BBQ grill dust and muck on his brother’s head…..sigh.)

However, amazing things happened….they played together for one. Not all the time. I’m not delusional to think this is a major life altering time for them. But it was nice to see them be FORCED to come together and work things out because they had no TV or video game as a crutch. For my older son, who has serious social skill issues, this was important. Without that comfort of the games, he was forced to step outside his 32 bit little comfort box and PLAY.

We also discussed being APPRECIATIVE of the things mommy does. We read, repeatedly, the Berenstein Bears book, “Count Your Blessings” that we got from the library. (God bless that Mama Bear, she took the words out of my mouth.)

They were semi misbehaving in the store (not majorly) and an older lady smiled at them and chatted with me. She said, “They’re making memories at this age, you’ll forget the annoying stuff and remember the good stuff.” Ahh, I love moms who’ve been there. They know more than any and all parenting books put together.
So, I hope Scary Mommy stays away for a long time, and I hope I can keep a hold of these lessons I’ve learned this week. We will definitely be limiting screen time, I like my children’s attitudes much better this way.

But I’m still counting down until school starts…..

For some funny laughs and to feel better about your own parenting, check out this blog, Scary Mommy. I did not know this existed before I started calling myself Scary Mommy….but I’m amused I’m not alone.

Cross posted from Real Housewives of NOLA.


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