Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Egyptian Sensory Box

We are using "Story of the World Volume One" for our history curriculum and are reading about the kingdoms of Egypt. Harrison seems really into history, especially anything that connects to biblical times. He loves the Bible and stories from it! (Of which I am REALLY happy!)

I like SOTW because we can dig as deep into it as we want (or not) because using the Classical Education method approach, you repeat the cycle every four years, digging deeper as they age. The stories are entertaining and informative.

I used sensory boxes all the time as a former preschool teacher and I'm surprised the boys are still digging them. So since we've been talking a lot about Egypt, I thought I'd grab this Egypt "Toob" from Hobby Lobby one day. You can find this one and more like it on Amazon as well. SUPER cool little tubes of education!

So I added the Egyptian themed figures to a sensory box of play sand. We've been keeping it outside since it is SAND, but it has a nifty top to keep it clean. The boys have been playing with them almost every time they go outside (which is much more frequent since the weather has been BEAUTIFUL!)

I can't wait til we do some other themes and I can get more of these little things!

Play is Learning!

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Home School Theme

Naturally this month will be THANKSGIVING! This is my FAVORITE time of year! I love remembering to do the 30 days of thankfulness, learning about the history, eating yummy foods, watching great football, fall scented candles, cool weather, leaves, oh I could go on and on! So here are some Thanksgiving activities we want to try this month!

Thanksgiving Bible Printables.

Thanksgiving Number Sort

Thanksgiving Notebooking Ideas

And a ton of ideas over here on this great blog:

We are only doing "school" for the first three weeks of November, then taking off Thanksgiving week so they have plenty of time to play with their public school friends and enjoy the holiday with our family.  It's a busy and beautiful month and I look forward to not much online time but plenty of in real LIFE time!!


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