Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lucky Number.....

It's time to announce our winners!!!!

For Prize Pack One:
Michele Davidson from By Your Side, you win this pack!!!

For Prize Pack Two:

Denise McCaskill you were lucky #35, which is awesome since you persevered my bad links to keep trying! :)

For Prize Pack Three: 

And finally Erin Medly of Crochet Medley, you were lucky number 2!! :) You win the final prize pack! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blueberry Love

We visited the local blueberry picking farm the other day. I highly suggest this activity if you have one near you. Not only do you get a quick, fun, learning experience for the kids, but you get great, healthy food to make a plethora of recipes from.

Blue Harvest Farms uses no pesticides so you can eat RIGHT off the bush! How cool is that!?? Located in Covington, LA off Hwy 21, it's a reasonably priced activity for all. At 10.00 a gallon or 2.00 a pound, it's far cheaper, even with gas, than the 4.00 a pint (or more) price for blueberries in the store. And you picked these yourself, it sounds like work, but it's fun!

Check out Blue Harvest Farms site and Facebook page for details on hours and tips.

Here's our little bit of fun while visiting...

All images ©Amy Dutsch, 2012

Delight me with a comment and a repin! :)


Monday, May 21, 2012

Pinterst Planned Summer

You all know I'm addicted to Pinterest. Well since summer is coming up I am hoping to do some fun things I've found on Pinterest. Since I'm also currently selling my home, I have to pick through things that will be quick and easy to clean up should I get that phone call that says, "someone wants to look at the house, we'll be there in 30!"

So here's what's possibly on the agenda. Note the POSSIBLY.


*Glow sticks in the bathtub

*Balloon tennis

*Plastic sheet cover your homework sheets=dry erase.

*Make an obstacle coarse with crape paper streamers. They crawl and step over all of it while trying not to touch the streamers.

*Go Dollar Store shopping. Give them each 5 bucks and they're in heaven.

*Tear drop volcanoes. Put baking soda on a tray. Fill paper cups with vinegar and food color. Use a dropper to create fizzy foam!

~~~~~~From my head~~~~

*Join the summer library reading program.

*Go swimming.

*Have Pajama Day, complete with blankets, pillows, a movie.

*Have a lemonade and freezie pop stand.

*Discounted movie trips

*Visit the little local beaches on the lake.

*Sculpt with air dry clay

*Make rainbows and suns from paper plates and tissue paper (or crepe paper)

*Visit Culinary Kids

* Eat LOTS of snowballs!

~~~~~From Various Pins and Blogs~~~~

*Cup Race.

*Use pool noodles to hit blown up balloons.

*Nerf Gun Shooting Range

*Craft sticks and vecro for making letters and shapes.

*Tin Foil River


I've already gotten a little Google calender almost filled out through July! I'm looking forward to having some fun with my boys. Since not one person has looked at our home since it's been on market, I'm not sweating it. We're going to have fun, enjoy the summer and they'll have to realize little people live here!!!

Happy Summer!!~~Amy

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Round Bumpy Scrubbie--Free Crochet Pattern

Round Bumpy Scrubbie
©Amy Dutsch

You'll Need:
G Hook (or larger hook for larger cloth)
Cotton yarn
Darning Needle

**Please note, this scrubbie is worked in rounds AND you turn on each round.**

Terms Used:
Ch= Chain
SC= Single Crochet
TR= Triple Crochet
ST= Stitch
SS= SlipStitch

CH 3
11 DC in 3rd CH from hook
SS to Join With CH 3

CH 1 and TURN
*1 SC and 1 TR in next ST*
Repeat from * in each ST around.
SS in turning chain.

CH 1 and TURN
SC in next ST.
1 SC in each ST Around
SS with Turning Chain

Repeat Round 2

Repeat Round 3

Repeat Round 3

Fasten off and weave in ends with hook or darning needle.

**If you prefer a larger cloth, just keep repeating Rounds 4 and 5 before you do the final round.**

**The cloth may 'ripple' a bit depending on how tight you crochet. Just stretch and adjust it to your liking.**

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mama's 1k Sale Giveaway!!!!

Well I cannot believe it, I hit 1,000 sales in Badge Reels!! I am very thankful to everyone who has supported me and my little businesses over the past 4 years. I've changed shops a time or two, but found my passion in making these badge reels. It makes me happy to know my button obsession can bring a smile to patients, teachers, coaches, medical staff, students and more!

As a thank you to everyone who's supported me I'm hosting a huge giveaway. Some very fabulous artisans have donated some great prizes for your winning pleasure also!!! I consider these artisans great friends as well as respecting their work. Please give them some love! I own something from nearly all of these stores and I love them all!

Let's get started!!

***It would be awesome if you would go like my fan pages Mama's Little Monkeys and Badge Reels. When you like the vendor fan pages, you can tag mine and tell them Mama/BadgeReels sent you!! :)***


*****PRIZE PACK ONE--You Win ALL Three Prizes!*******

$10.00 Shop Credit from Holly Craft Originals !! Adorable appliques, cards, and ready to ship items! Hand sewn!!

Check out her Facebook Page and tell her Mama's Little Monkeys/Badge Reels sent you!


Any TWO Knitting/Crochet Patterns from Crazy Socks Crochet. Easy to understand for a variety of levels, popular patterns, and you get two!!

Check out her Facebook Page and tell her Mama's Little Monkeys/Badge Reels sent you!


ONE Hand Carved Rubber Stamp--Yarn Ball with Your Choice of Knitting Needles OR Crochet Hook from Hoffee and a Nuffin. 
Shipping Included!
Find fabulous traditional sock monkeys, hand carved stamps, and polymer clay in this shop!

Check out her Facebook Page and tell her Mama's Little Monkeys/Badge Reels sent you!


*****Prize Pack TWO--You Win ALL Three Items*****

$25.00 Shop Credit to Unravel Me!! Patterns, Headbands, Accessories!! Whether you crochet or not, you can find what you want here!!

Check out her Facebook Page and tell her Mama's Little Monkeys/Badge Reels sent you!


$15.00 Shop Credit to Tiny Tops. Adorable Newborn Hats and Photography Props.
Winner is responsible for any difference in price over 15.00. 

Check out her Facebook Page and tell her Mama's Little Monkeys/Badge Reels sent you!

$15.00 Shop Credit to JillianTDesigns. Sweet hats, washcloths and cozies!

Check out her Facebook Page and tell her Mama's Little Monkeys/Badge Reels sent you!


***********Prize Pack Three--You Win ALL Three Items****************

$20.00 Shop Credit to Crysallis Creations. Custom, unique, high quality gems and jewelry.
Winner to pay International Shipping.
Winner to mention Mama's Little Monkey through Etsy conversation prior to placing order, so proper price adjustment will be made with a RESERVE listing.

Check out her Facebook Page and tell her Mama's Little Monkeys/Badge Reels sent you!


$15.00 Shop Credit to my shop, Badge Reels. Fabric and Mylar Badge Reel ID Holders, buttons, and more!

 Hop over to my new facebook fan page!! I need some likes! :)


$25.00 Shop Credit to my other shop, Seaux Comfy. Crochet items, fun ruffly scarves and body pillow covers!

 Check out my original fan page, Mama's Little Monkeys.

*****THE RULES*****

1. You MUST comment on THIS blog post for your comment to count. Facebook doesn't allow giveaways and contests based on facebook likes/shares/tags, so although that would be SUPER awesome if you shared on facebook, the only comments I will count for entries will be here on THIS post.

2. You MUST leave a way for the vendors to contact you. Email, facebook, etsy shop, blogger profile, etc. Once giveaway ends, I will choose winners with and the vendors will inform you of your winnings. You are then responsible for paying any extra cost/shipping/taxes/duties and making sure the vendor has your correct information. If you do not respond to the vendor within 72 hours, I will choose another winner.

3. You earn ONE Entry by simply commenting on this post. You can say hi, tell us which vendor is your fave, or just share a funny joke. Whatever floats your boat. :)

4. You can earn EXTRA ENTRIES by pinning items from vendors shops on Pinterest. If you are unfamiliar with Pinterest, you can see my tutorials on the left side for a how to. If the shop has a Pin It button, you simply pin the item that way. You MUST come back here and put the Pinterest link for your entry to count.

5. PLEASE read all info about each prize pack, some vendors have different rules.

6. I will draw THREE winners, one for each Prize Pack, you could win any of the three.

7. If you have any questions, please message me via my Etsy Shop.

*****Giveaway Ends May 30th******

Thanks for participating!!! Remember it's good karma for you to like and share this giveaway, everyone's fan pages, etc!! Every vendor here is a small business owner, a real handmade artisan!! You won't find these items in mass retailers!!



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