Friday, February 6, 2015

What I Made--January 2015

Not a hugely productive month for finishing projects, but I'm working several! I have several projects done that I still need to photograph but they're newborn hats, so I'll just shoot them all together one day.

I finally finished up the Crochet Mood Blanket 2014!

I worked up some amingrumi samples for our Hogwarts class at the homeschool co-op so the kids can pick their animal for the semester!

I look forward to sharing the stack of newborn hats and a few more projects for February!
~~Happy Creating, Amy

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Year of No Yarn-January 2015 Update

I made it through January without buying any yarn!! Can you believe it? I actually didn't even have many urges! I briefly contemplated buying some rainbow yarn to make a temperature scarf with, but I was strong, and said no! I have been working my way through my current stash and rocking out some various projects which I'll share in another post.

So I made it through another month! Phew! It's actually getting easier to walk through stores and not buy yarn!

Just a few shakes now and then...


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