Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Week's Featured Artist is..... also known as Kaleidescope Jewels.

Let's get to know her and then we'll look at the goodies!

What can we find there? Jewlery. They are mostly gemstones and sterling silver. I also do custom orders for name bracelets and/or certain gemstone jewelry that you are looking for.

What's youre favorite thing to make? I love to make bracelets!! They add that little touch to your clothing that makes it more personable.

How did you get started on Etsy? I found out about etsy from a friend of mine that was searching the web and came across the site. She showed it to me and I was hooked. I started because I enjoy making my jewelry and wanted to share my creations with others. I love to see peoples reactions to what I have created. I love to help them make that little piece that they have been looking for. I make jewelry as a stress reliever it comforts me and relaxes me.

Any advice for an Etsy newbie? One piece of advice that I would give a newbie is to be patient it will come. It takes awhile to get your name out there and for buyers to start trusting you as a seller. Buy from others etsy sellers also to get your name out there.

What's on your wishlist both as a buyer and a seller? My wishlist as a buyer would include more gemstones of course!!! I would like to build up my inventory. As a seller to be able to have enough work to be busy but still enjoy what I do. I have seen may times where people get burnt out and don't enjoy it anymore.

Tell us about your non Etsy life! I am a mom of beautiful twins that just turned 3, wife to a wonderful husband that I have been married to for 5 years and he is my high school sweet heart! I love being a mom!!! They keep me very busy and make me laugh everyday. I love to see how eager they are to learn. I am very family orientated. All my family lives very close if not in the same town including aunts, uncles, cousins and farther down the family tree. We are a very close family we take vacations together, get together for the heck of it, and holidays are very much a huge get together!! Most of my friends are still from high school but of course I have had the pleasure of meeting new friends also. I love comic book type movies and of course the "chick flicks". I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy!! Music is a huge love of mine I can't live without my Ipod!I also work full-time as a LPN and surgical assistant. I work for a general surgeon that has trained me in surgery with her. This was my lifetime goal as a nurse to be able to have both of my loves clinic and surgery in one job.

I am on cafemom

Now let's check out her great shop!!!

Make sure you Think Pink with this beautiful piece!

Custom Made can you go wrong with that??

This is beautiful...go look at it before it sells! Sorry, it's reserved...but convo katherinescreations if you like it!! She loves custom orders!!

As always, thanks for looking, and SHOP HANDMADE....and Please use these tags when searching on Etsy "Cafemom team" and "lartisans"! You won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Week's Featured Artist is...

Hopscotch Square! Not only is she a fellow Louisianian...her stuff is just downright cute! I am now drooling over girl items wishing I could get away with putting my boys in this apron:

Do you think my husband would be mad?

Now this I would love just for me!! A Therapy Hot or Cold Bag! Genius!

 I REALLY wish I had a girl.......this is just downright slaptastically adorable!!

A hanger for hair bows!! How cute and smart!!! And I am digging the cherries!!

All pics are clickable, so please click away and go show her some love!!

She was also kind enough to answer some questions for me!

  • What type of items do you sell? Children's Clothing and Accessories
  • What is your FAVORITE item to make? Girls Dresses
  • How and Why You got started on Etsy? I ran out of room in my daughter's closet for all of the clothes I was making her. So I thought I would share!
  • One piece of advice for an Etsy Newbie: Pictures! Definitely worth 1000 words! Make every bit of it count.
  • What is on your wish list as a buyer and seller? As a buyer, to have Christmas shopping done early for once (yeah, like that's gonna happen, but you said WISH)and as a have so much business I have to hire someone to help! =)
  • Tell us a little about your non Etsy life: Stay-at-home mom of two kids. I worked retail for about 11 years before quitting so I think it helps me a lot with Etsy. I never have time for movies anymore, but I watch House and Bones faithfully every week! I don't really get to listen to adult music anymore since my 3 yr old has discovered kids music. Very busy life between preschool, home, kids, and Etsy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!
  • Where else can we find you?
(and hopefully as of tonight

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Featured Artist is....

Angie's Crafts!
Again, I apologize for my not doing this sooner! I tell you, I really do not know where my time goes! I had no idea Etsy shops would eat up so much time online--not even counting the creating time!

Without further ado...before the baby wakes up....
I had a few questions for Angie!

Where can we find your awesome work?

What do you sell? A variety of items such as, jewelry, scrapbook items, and glycerin soaps.

What is your FAVORITE item you make: Hmmm.....that's hard to say! I like so many different things that's why my shop has such a variety!

How and why did you get started on Etsy: How? I don't really member how I found out about Etsy to be honest! Why? I figured I'd try to start selling the things I like to make so everyone else could enjoy them as much as I do!

Do you have any advice for an Etsy Newbie: Hmmm.....I'd have to say just stick with it and don't give up especially if you're not selling a lot. It takes time and a lot of promoting!

Let's go shopping! What's on your wish list, as a buyer and a seller?: As a seller, to sell more! LOL As a buyer, to buy some Christmas presents soon!

Tell us a little about your non etsy life! (family, job, music, movies, etc) I'm a married WAHM/SAHM mom of 2 boys ages 8 & 10 1/2. I like a variety of movies & music. I enjoy dancing, scrapbooking, camping, and spending time with my family.

Where else can we find you? Cafemom page is,

Myspace is,

Indy Mojo is,, I think that's it!

Take a look around and visit her shop! All pics will link you to the item!


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