Saturday, December 27, 2008

CPSIA Video and List of Shops Who Partcipated

Many thanks to the shops that participated in the video. I tried to get every link and name right, if there is an error please let me know!


Great Shops:

Please visit these great shops and many more by going to:

Shop Children's Handmade WHILE YOU CAN!

And without further ado:

Friday, December 26, 2008

This Week's Featured Artist is...

World of Moments!!
This lovely little shop has some beautiful photography, cards and art, and all for a good cause!! :)

This awesome print obviously benefits Autism research by benefiting the Dockery Foundation.

And you can't beat the price!!

THere are also other lovely works of photography and more!

Click the pics for more details and let's read a little about this great artist.

* What is your shop name and URL? World of Moments

* What type of items do you sell? I have original artwork, photography, cards, and art made by my boys with Autism.

* What is your FAVORITE item to make? I'm not sure I have a favorite. I like it all really. But there's something extra special about sitting with my boys and helping them paint.

* How and Why You got started on Etsy? I started painting with my boys as therapy for sensory issues. I decided to try selling the art on Etsy because I wanted to share the beauty I saw in their paintings. I started selling my own art as well, finding I had a hidden talent and love for it. It's my therapy too :)

* One piece of advice for an Etsy Newbie: Hmm.. Don't get upset when nothing sells for the first 2 months. Keep going!

* What is on your wish list as a buyer and seller? As a seller, I'd love to sell my stuff (naturally!), but what I really wish is to sell to those I've not met, it's an extra compliment when a stranger finds your site and loves your work! As a buyer, I love ACEOs and other art and photography. I also love things I can give the kids (what mother doesn't?!).

* Tell us a little about your non Etsy life: I'm a mom of three very active kids. Connor is 4 1/2, Braeden is 3, and Morrigan is 18 mo going on 20 (you know how little girls are *wink*). I home school my boys and spend a good bit of the day working with them. I'm married to a very supportive husband, Richard, who knows how to put with me. :)

* Where else can we find you? Just here on Etsy really.. No big plans for a website anytime soon..

Check out her shop if you will please!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

There May be Hope Yet

Dear God, please let this be true!!! I need it to be true and I need even more adjustments on the stupid law.
Click me for Hope

But just in case I do have to adjust my shop:

Business Card Holders! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wedding Pic Edits

I took some informal shots of my neice's wedding this weekend and I think I did pretty good! :)
Hope you like!

Friday, December 12, 2008

This Week's Featured Artist is.....

This weeks' featured artist is a shop that I've had a crush on for awhile now.

Here are some of my fave things:

I really can't tell you WHAT it is about this little fellow...but he has my heart.....and I will one day own him!! (In fact..go shopping in my shop so I can buy him!!)
Oh my love....

I don't know what it is. I think it maybe be the 'stache. But I am drawn to him.

Now...go check out this shop!! There are some EXCELLENT pieces there!

This is just beautiful and would be a fantastic gift for any new parent to be!!

Simply beautiful!

And this is just ingenius!! Numbered art!!

Here is what "English" has to say!

*What is your shop name and URL?

* What type of items do you sell? Photography, or photo related things

* What is your FAVORITE item to make? The number series, because it was aimed at my oldest son's learning

* How and Why You got started on Etsy? Because my lovely wife had a store here

* One piece of advice for an Etsy Newbie: Make what you enjoy doing, or else whats the point

* What is on your wish list as a buyer and seller? i have tons here are a sample and

* Tell us a little about your non Etsy life: I have two boys, and i make coffee, i like to take pictures when i can :)

* Where else can we find you?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CPSIA Law Will hurt us ALL, not just handmade artists!

Ok ya'll. I am ALL for children's safety 100%! I am a mother and of course I want my boys to be safe and sound. But I am also a handmade artist. And I am responsible enough to know that my supplies and items are SAFE and SOUND for young children! I mean, fabric? Come on!!! Why would there be lead in my fabric?????

So here is what YOU can do! Write your lawmakers, fight this stupid law! Ask them to AMMEND the law! It is necessary but it should be exempt for handmade artists who buy their supplies from reputable sources!

Here is more info:
Please read, fight this and help save handmade!

And it isnt just handmade affected!

Who do you think will pay for the big companies testing?? YOU WILL! Every children's product will go up and up and be more expensive to make, thus more costly for ANYONE buying children's items!
SO this does not just affect artists!! It affects us ALL as citizens who need to fight big government!!

Do your part!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Your Chance to Win AGAIN!

Thanks to the lovely folks at How-To Studio, you can win another gift certificate for one of my shops AND learn my nifty secret to creating flower pens!! So go check them out, give them some love and come on down to the shops for some holiday shopping! Don't forget..if you don't see it, it doesn't mean I can't make it!!

Click for the Giveaway


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