Monday, March 16, 2015

Year of No Yarn and What I've Made-February 2015 Update

So I'm late updating but so far, SO good! I have not bought ANY yarn alllllll year so far! Can you believe? Now, I have been GIVEN yarn by a lovely friend, but I didn't BUY it!

I have however made several things to use up my current stash!

I've made a chunky crochet basket that I used to carry all the amigurumi animals I made for our homeschool co-op Hogwarts class.

I also FINALLY finished the Knit Picks Chroma Worsted blanket I started over a year ago. That's how bad my yarn addiction had gotten....I bought the yarn used for it in 2012. 2012 people....

I've worked up some pretty little things in March that are bright and fun!

I didn't think I could stall this long on buying yarn, but I've made it! Reorganizing and tidying it helped as well!

I wound a bunch of random skeins and made it all pretty :)

This isn't even all of it....

See why I don't need to buy any for a year?


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