Thursday, June 30, 2011

To Join a Gym or Not to Join a Gym.....that is the fat butt question..

So, I'm feeling a little squishy. A little too squishy. And unlike my friend Dee's 3 month old who I affectionately call Squishy....I'd rather not be so pudding like. I'm not overweight, and I'm sure many of my friends would say, "getouttahere" but Yeah..I need to lose a few.

I'd actually lost all the baby weight by taking up sewing and running my business. But as the business had grown and it's more about keeping it afloat than spending hours sewing (because apparently, once you actually do good at your shop, you no longer have time to SEW!) But 8-10 lbs have crept back on. Mama not likey.

So, to decide. Now, by the grace of God and hard work, we have paid off all our medical bills and credit cards. This is quite a feat as I racked up almost 3k myself in 2008 when they wrongly diagnosed me with MS only to say, oops, you don't have it. (A good mistake, I know.) We also racked up 2k more in the boys for Eli's Autism diagnosis and Harrison's cat allergy diagnosis. I'm not complaining, we had coverage, they got help and it's done. But Praise Lord it's PAID FOR!

Sooooooooo, I am the spender in the family, no question about it. But I am better than my 10k in debt days of post-college. So I'm contemplating joining a gym. Not a fancy 100 a month gym, but one of those Anytime Fitness places. It's a reasonable fee. But my husband has made me a worry wart.

What if the heater breaks this winter? (It's over 18 years old). What if the hot water heater breaks (also original).? What if my 96 car needs major repair? I'm a worry wart now, he's done that to me!

I suppose I'll experiment, if I can stick with working out at home, maybe I can see enough reward there and one day do the gym. It's hard to even consider until school starts again, the boys are so all consuming. I have to wonder, can it all really fit? Kids, House, Husband, Work, Exercise, Cooking/Cleaning, FUN? Where does it all fit in??

I think my first experiment will be to get up early, before the man and go walk. It should be cooler then and maybe if I can force myself to do that, I can get to BED at a decent hour!

We shall see.....


lmb122 said...

I am thinking about joining the one in Folsom.Once school starts of course, that way I can drop Em off and go straight there, no excuses....well I am sure I can come up with some...LOL

Heather said...

This is one I struggle with... & there just isn't enough time in the day to do it all. I don't have the possibility to even get to a gym as the nearest one is 1 hr, 1 way... so yeah, not happening! And my DH travels a lot, so getting up before him is not possible either if he's not even home with the boys. So you can see why I might feel a little stuck.


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