Thursday, June 9, 2011

girl, disconnected....doing what I love again...

Day 9.....ahhh a good day. My mother-in-law blessedly took the children for a few hours so I was able to get some actual sewing done!! Serging, to be exact. It was so nice...I haven't been able to sew for awhile now, since school got out, and it was so nice to finish up a stack of to-do's.

First up, I FINALLY recovered my sofa pillows. Now that we have a doggy, I thought this was a good time so I can take the covers off and wash them.  You can see the original pillow under the sleeping Libby.

I also got most of my stack of pillowcases done for my Pillowcase Drive for ConKerr Cancer. I have a stack from a fellow handmade friend and as of now we have 19 cases ready! Hopefully I can reach my goal by the end of July, but even if not, I am happy we can send these over and hopefully make a sick child smile!

I've also had a lotta fun the past few days. I've danced to Adele with Eli, did arts and crafts with the boys and of course played with the dog. The poor doggy also encountered a cat and is recovering from an eye scratch, but hopefully she'll be fine. She goes back to the vet on Monday.

What have you been making and doing lately??

I did cheat and check facebook messages as apparently I had some people who needed answers to questions. But I was quick and just checked my messages!! :)

My big plans for tonight are hunkering down with a movie ("The Notebook." No, I've never seen it. I got a warning letter that they were gonna kick me outta the chick club if I didn't watch Netflix sent it along for me.) Popcorn, movie and snugging on the sofa. Don't call by the way..



coltpixy said...

I love the pillows! That fabric is pretty. I have been drawn to color and patterns lately.

Heather said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! I love the new pillows


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