Friday, July 1, 2011

When You Buy Handmade....Where Does Your Money Go?

I thought I would share a little bit of what happens when you purchase one of my handmade or destash supply items. Where does your money go? I love companies that offer full disclosure about their profits/margins and business practices, so I thought I'd do the same.

Of any given purchase from one of my shops, be it on Etsy, Artfire, Cafepress or Zazzle, these are the things you help fund:

**First and foremost, my number one goal is to never have to dip into personal "family" funds for supplies. So all supplies I need to further create handmade are purchased with profit.
**A large chunk goes to business fees such as: venue fees, taxes, printing materials, business marketing materials, paying for my CPA, shipping supplies, etc. The 'bones' of running a business, shall we say.

After those expenses are taken care of (which are a HUGE chunk of my profit.) We get on to the 'real' stuff.

Your purchase of my handmade items can at any given time pay for one, some, or all of these things:

*Healthy food for my children and family. Organic and gluten free ain't cheap.
*Vet bills and pet care! My husband insisted I pay for the dog out of "my" money since she was my idea. I gladly do so, just sharing.
*Fun stuff for me off the very venues I sell on. I believe in putting it back! I purchase a good bit of supplies, vintage and handmade items off Etsy and Artfire, just as I sell there! My latest focus has been on vintage items to redecorate our home!
*Presents for my husband for special days and events. It's just not fun to buy his anniversary present out of OUR's however incredibly fulfilling to be able to buy his special gifts with money I earned of my own accord. (and chances are, those items are bought OFF handmade venues, like the hand stamped guitar picks he got for our anniversary!)
*Special trips and events that aren't in our family day trips with the kids, concerts, etc. Right now the majority of my profit intended for supplies is being saved for a high dollar supply item I want/need. The other % for "me" is going towards a family car. I realize it will be years probably before I can save up a valid amount, but we hope to make my '96 last a few more years. (A good reason to marry a mechanic, ladies...he'll keep your car running!)

I'm sure there are other little things I'm not thinking about, and that handmade artisans and small business owners all over have similar lists. I just wanted to show you, when you buy local or handmade, you are buying from an actual person...not a huge conglomerate who makes millions. We shop owners are real people, with real families, trying to run a legit business. We are not in pyramid schemes, we are not selling Amway, we are not even trying to hawk mass manufactured items at home parties (not that that is a bad way to make a living.) But we are real, flesh and blood humans who in the case of handmade items, are actually physically making the items you purchase with our own two hands. We are creating, putting together, sewing, painting, stitching, sanding, cutting, designing, weaving, shooting, hammering, drawing, items just for you. We sniff strong glue for you! :)

So, next time you need to make a purchase, be it for fun or work, consider handmade. Consider the source. I believe in a life that is based on the minimalist principles. Living simply is not about not having things, but rather, enjoying, cherishing and RESPECTING the material possessions you do spend your hard earned money on.

Thanks for listening and thank YOU for reading my blog, looking at my items, watching me grow, trying my tutorials, and purchasing my really, truly, does help me every day and mean a lot to me.

~~Thank you!!!


Michelle said...

Good post!!

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Thanks!! I try to remember it myself when I BUY handmade!! I'm supporting a real person just trying to be creative!


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