Tuesday, June 28, 2011

girl, disconnected....almost over...

The end is near, the end is near! Two more days and my experiment is over! It's been a long month! I don't think I'll be doing such an experiment again...but I did learn a lot. I learned I can most definitely cut back on the internet. As long as I am running an online business, I obviously cannot give it up entirely ever. But I can institute an unplugged day, or weekend, etc.

I think I will do one day a week of unplugged. This will be particularly helpful when the kids start school and I can devote a straight period of time to work, cleaning, etc.

But overall, I missed being connected. I missed chit chatting with friends, seeing pics of cute kids, and learning cool recipes, ideas, and websites. I missed it, I really did. Social networking, when used responsibly, is a great addition to our crazy busy lives. Just use it smartly! Instead of only going online to play games and ask friends for boards for your non existent farm, chit chat with friends, comment on their lives, and grow closer! Use social networking to build relationships, share a joke, and CONNECT!

So I'll see ya'll soon!!! I miss you!

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