Saturday, June 4, 2011

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I accomplished one of my goals today. If you'll remember I blogged a few days ago my VERY lofty goals on WHY this disconnect was important to me. One of my to-do's is to ensure I start my family on a healthier lifestyle. I watched "Food, Inc" and I must say. If you've NOT seen this movie. You absolutely must. No, it didn't make me a vegetarian but it did make me ANGRY. Now if you read this, you KNOW I am a big fan of capitalism, business and personal responsibility. However, what the food industry has done to us is shameful, horrifying and disgusting.

I wonder am I powerless to change anything? But as the end of the movie points out, you CAN make a change...with every bite you put in your mouth. Every time you buy groceries you are are making a difference by shopping. If you only purchase Twinkies and YooHoo's, that's what the industry is going to provide.

I've been on a lifelong battle to eat better. I was raised on high fat, high sugar, cheap, "low income" kind of foods. Food shouldn't be based on a class system. Just because you make more money you shouldn't be able to feed your kids healthier food than others. So how do I, a middle class stay at home mother cause change?

By re-examining our diet. It will be a sloooooooooow process, I know that. I am a big fan of couponing and saving money...and it's said you CAN'T coupon on a natural/organic diet. Well, that sounds like a challenge to me. And I am INCREDIBLY hard-headed and stubborn. I want to see if that's really true.

What I have to remember, every time I go shopping, is at what price is it worth my kids health? I've been a 'natural' or "crunchy" kinda gal for some time now...which is hard for people to understand because I do so love my sugary treats, and I am at heart a libertarian....which means I'm all for keeping the government OUT of my life.

But what infuriates me more, is that there are government agencies (the FDA, the USDA) that are FAILING us. Every day. Every meal. I am not a fan of government, you know that. But for those of you who does this not infuriate you?? How does this not make you angry? How do you support such institutations that are KILLING people? I hear much talk about how many politicians are in bed with the meat industry, the corn industry, etc....what about those in bed with Monsanto? What about those who turn a blind eye to high fructose corn syrup? It's NOT just Republicans and you are niave if you think so.

I, for one, never had much faith in our government. Not since I've been alive. So it's up to me and my faith in God that we stay healthy. So I have to do MY part. I have to purchase responsible foods. Even if it's at a cost. Maybe this means we eat a little bit less. Maybe this means I coupon and donate the foods we don't use to food banks. Maybe this means I help my friend with her garden and NEXT year I try it myself??

I don't know ALL the changes I will be able to make. Massive change always starts with one small step. So my challenge for this month is simple.

*Grocery shop only at a local store and Whole Foods. Conciously examine WHERE the food is coming from and how the meat is fed and cared for. Let's see JUST how much more costly eating better is. And how can I save money in other ways to MAKE this happen??

I have a Whole Foods gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Let's just see how much of my normal groceries I can get there and at our locally owned grocery store and for HOW much more money??

And if you're brave enough, consider checking out Millions Against Monsanto. If there ever has been an evil corporation...they are it. And this is me...the girl who's a big fan of personal responsibility and business....saying this. Pure evil.

Thus ends day 3 of my disconnect. We're off to meet our dog tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow I can introduce you to Maxwell the dog!!

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