Friday, June 10, 2011

girl disconnected....thin mints and real friends...

See world...even if you cut yourself off from Facebook, Twitter and whatever things you use to connect...your real friends hunt you down. They text you on your phone (even though it takes you 20 minutes to tap out a response...) They email you and send you recipes for GLUTEN FREE THIN MINTS! (Merry.....I heart you!) And they actually call.

I admit, its' been REALLY hard these first 10 days to be off Facebook and Plurk. I confess...I checked Facebook 1-2x for messages. I also apparently liked some things while searching for doggy stuff. I also broke down and got on Plurk a few times to show off Libby the dog because I have a lot of animal nuts over there who I knew would love to see her! So yea.....cold turkey, I didn't QUITE do...but I have mostly behaved myself. Any online purchases were doggy related (IE a 30 lb bag of dog food that even the UPS guy had to ask, "what is in this??" I shoulda told him something scary....).

But Twitter....I haven't even noticed. There are maybe 3 people who I connect with only on Twitter (because they've as of yet to GET on facebook), and one is baby-mooning, so she isn't on much anyways. So I really am not missing Twitter.

I am enjoying that I'm actually talking on the phone to my friends more. And this day....they seem to know when I've JUST sat down and gotten comfy before they call. Or I have raw chicken on my's always one of the two....

Sooooo, I've learned....whether you check your facebook or goes on. The sun rises. Kids misbehave (or behave!) and still you are there. I'm learning what I get out of social networking is the instant gratification. The feeling of, "Hey, someone read that!" or "Hey someone liked that!!" It's like I'm Sally Field all day long, "They LIKE ME! They REALLY LIKE ME!!"

But it's not just's not just about me. I really do enjoy reading about my friends, near and far. I enjoy hearing their adventures, and misadventures. That is something social networking really DOES help you feel connected to those you can't be physically near (IF You use it right and don't do stupid things like Post naked pics of yourself.....or join facebook...start drama....then leave. Repeat. For the love of cheese, ya'll, please stop doing that.)

Social networking is anonymity and closeness all at once. It's an enigma....and while I'm missing it at times...

I think I can live without it.


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Stitches In Cotton said...

yes even without Facbook, you cannot get rid of real friends LOL! I'm getting faster at texting so watch out!


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