Sunday, June 5, 2011

girl, 4---Getting the Shakes.... I'm starting to get the urge....I miss facebook.....I miss the constant communication and instant gratification of that little notification reminder.

I probably wouldn't be jonesing as bad except that I want to show off our new DOGGY!

However, what we thought would be named actually a GIRL!! Ooops. Mama can't read the info on! DUH! But it's all good in the hood because I had a girl name picked out in the first place!!

So I give you, Libby the Dog! :)

She's a sweet doggy. 3.5 years old, and house trained. She was very hyper when she first got here but she's calmed down. So far there's been no potty accidents inside and she's a sweetie. She's a bit stinky, so if anyone has any tips on making her smell fresher, I'm all ears!! She had a quick bath today but we'll bathe her again longer tomorrow.

I'm also open to any tips on good dog food, treats, etc. She's already sprung a leak in the stuffed toy I got her so we'll be getting a NON stuffed toy tomorrow on her visit to Petsmart.

I introduce to you, Miss Libby :)

~~~now leave me comments and make me happy...I need instant gratification...


Heather said...

She's a cutie! said...


WillowWalker said...

She's adorable!

Enchanted Dawn said...

She's just a cutie! Looks like she has a little bit of pug in her.

Amy said...

Thanks guys :) She is a pug mix. We're thinking she's the offspring of a Puggle because it seems the more you breed Puggles the less 'puggle like" they look loll!! She's a SUPER sweet dog though, hasn't even barked yet!!


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