Tuesday, June 14, 2011

girl, disconnected...day 14--Naps Rock

5:48 am. That is what time my children chose to wake up this morning. I don't know why, I just recall a memory of saying, "GO. BACK. TO. BED." Multiple cups of coffee and episodes of Caillou later, I was still exhausted. So, E, the dog and I all snuggled up and snoozed away. H quietly played his Nintendo DS and I actually got to catch some Z's....complete with dog snoring.

I'd not have been so tired if I'd actually gone to bed at a decent hour...but nooooo, I had to stay up and watch my boy Marc Broussard on Lopez Tonight! :) I had to!! I gotta support my musicians!! He did FABULOUS by the way and you can snag the new album out NOW!

We did a run to Target and ran into another girl wearing a Fleurty Girl shirt...that was pretty funny. Ran into a couple of friends...apparently it was "walk around confused in the middle of Target's remodel day."

Tomorrow is an El Cheapo movie with H so hopefully we'll get a little time together. I know it's hard for H to share the love and spotlight with his little brother, so these little trips just us helps.

Speaking of little brother, Eli...the potty training is going well! So far no poops in the potty, but he's doing great with the pee-pee's!!! My little baby is growing up!!
So I'm making it! I confess to checking facebook today to confer with my fellow bloggers over at Real Housewives of NOLA...but that's it!!! (I think?) hee hee.

~~peace out,


MommyP said...

Sounds like a good day! You would not do well with Stephen - he has taken to waking up really earlythis summer, and won't nap anymore. It's exhausting! Yesterday he was up at 4am.

Yay for Eli with the potty - he's rockin' it for sure!

Heather said...

I'm not cool with the early morning wake up time either! Ian has the opposite problem now tho but when he was younger it was a different story!

I'm glad Eli is doing so well! We'll be there soon enough with Jameson!


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