Tuesday, June 7, 2011

girl, disconnected...day 7--Adventures in Underwear

Oh, it's on. Like DONKEY KONG in my house.

So we have a dog. A super cute dog. A HOUSE TRAINED dog. Sooooo, my dear youngest child...it's time to take tips from the DOG.

You are well past the age that you could have been potty trained. You may have Autism, but you are incredibly high functioning, and for all intents and purposes "cured". (Please don't take that literally...he will always have Autism, but we've conquered many of the issues he had. Not all, but many.) So, dear child....it's underwear time.

Eli has sensory issues, that's no shocker. Feeding you often requires battle gear. I've accepted that. You scream. You kick. You throw things. (All of which you are slowly learning Mommy ain't hanging with.)

However....I will win this one. You will not be 40 and in diapers. You are completely physically able to potty train. So, it's ON.

He actually wore underwear tonite, so I figured, while I'm disconnected and supposedly finding more time....let's potty train!!

Of course I haven't created or sewn much lately but I rather figure that's a given during summer vacation. (August 8th....come on down...) But that's okay.....we got a doggy, and if I get a undie wearing boy out of it....I'll be a happy camper.

I'll keep you posted...let the underwear adventures begin...


Heather said...

You can do it Amy! You're super mom!

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

aww thanks!! :) He had one accident this morning and then we had to take an emergency run to the vet for Libby (a playdate with a friend didn't go great since Libby got too close to a kitty cat.) But we'll start slow and next week will be our major 'naked week' work :)


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