Monday, June 20, 2011

girl disconnected...Things I Would Have Said...

I thought would be funny/clever/annoying/stupid (whatever your mood may be) for me to keep track of what I WOULD have posted on facebook/twitter/plurk this month had I stayed connected. So here we go. In no particular order.


"Thing #284 you never said until you had kids: Son you may not lick your brother."


"Cuddly dog snuggling with you bed...awesomesauce. Cuddly dog letting loose silent but deadly farts....not so awesomesauce."

"Eli is doing GREAT potty training!! So far no #2 in the potty but he's getting better with the pee pee!"

"Anyone have a solution for backtalk or overall attitude in kids? He's only 5....and a boy....should I be greatful he's not a girl?"

"Marc Broussard's new cd...go get it. And if you didn't get Amos Lee's and Adele's? Go get those too. Now. You will thank me later!"

"Dog is allergic to SOMETHING...we're not sure what. 3 vet trips in 2 weeks. (One wellcheck/cat scratch in eye, one eye recheck, one crazy allergic rash.....coming up...another eye recheck.) Dogs are more expensive than kids!"

"sooooooo, have you checked out my shops lately? Jus sayin."

"Eli can now sing most of the words to "Rumour Has It" on Adele's new cd. Your welcome world."

"Apparently summer break means no sewing for mama. Mama no likey that."

"Did I mention it's INSANELY HOT!!??"

"70's music on mp3 player....baking blueberry muffins (gluten free!) Handmade apron 'round my waist....cutie patootie running around in his skivvies....I love my life."

..........more to come............

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Michelle said...

haha, very cute!!


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