Monday, June 6, 2011

girl, 5--A Boy and His Dog

If you read yesterday's post you saw that we adopted a sweet little pug mix we named Libby. (Technically, Libby Jo). Well, she's adjusting incredibly well. She was supposed to be MY dog but I highly suspect Harrison will end up being her 'true' master. She's still learning the ropes with us, but has made herself quite at home. It's as if she was always supposed to be here! She's snoozing on the end of my bed as I type!

And Harrison and Eli have really surprised me. I thought they'd be scared of her, like they had been before, but Harrison, especially has been super attentive, loving, caring and watchful over her. I'm very impressed. Today was the first day Harrison hasn't frustrated me immensely in a looooooooooooong time!! Perhaps he was MEANT to have his dog!

I AM missing being connected to social networking, but I'm only 5 days in (technically 6 now) but even now the desire and urge is manageable and even now I see how I can easily schedule 'online' time during nap times, evenings, etc. Facebook, twitter, forums, etc can be such a time suck but they don't HAVE to be.

Of course I've been googling more than I planned because I've been doing my doggy research! I also did have to do a little Amazon shopping to get a good deal on her dog food (have you SMELLED a dog's fart when on Purina or other crappy dog food? Yeah, um no.)

So, yes, I haven't been COMPLETELY disconnected as I planned...I am still keeping an eye on my shops, on my blogs, Handmade Louisiana and Real Housewives of NOLA. But overall, the computer is off much of the day! It is a nice change. I've watched documentaries, walked the dog, watched the boys swim, visited with friends and just RELAXED!

Now, I'm off to google "how to freshen a dog's smell" or some such to make Miss Libby here a little more sweet smelling to match her sunny disposition! :)

4 comments: said...

I'm a big fan of blue buffalo. I had switched from pedigree to nutro, and noticed a huge difference. Then a switched to blue buffalo and saw even MORE of a difference!

I'm also a big fan of "Buddy Biscuits." No, POKEY was a huge fan of those. And they are cute!

Also, check out for other options. I haven't tried any of that stuff though.

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Thanks!! I def will do. Even the Petsmart guy was straight up about how much better Blue Buffalo was to Purina! And I wasnt even feeding her crappy Purina! LOL

Heather said...

I think you are doing awesome being disconnected so much! I'm off to blog about my experience now!

Stitches In Cotton said...

Doing great being disconnected. I'm finally connected again. LOL I was going insane mostly because I wanted to check houses and buy some books for the kindle on amazon.
Which I still haven't figured out which books I want to buy. LOL.

Your puppy is so cute! She is the sweetest thing in the world, next to my "puppy" that is. ;)


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