Thursday, June 2, 2011

girl, disconnected....the beginning

Well, it's been a hard first day of being disconnected. I've already broken my rules. Confession Time:

Within the first hour yesterday, I googled something for my son....but that was ALL I googled. (by the way you CAN fix a Leapster 2 if the screen freezes.)

Within the first few hours I went on Facebook...however I did NOT check anything, I was looking up information on this animal rescue site I'm trying to get in touch with. (I am desperately trying to adopt this SUPER adorable pug mix!!!) Likewise, I checked my email multiple times more than planned, because I'm waiting to hear a reply from the foster mom of the pug!! cute is he?

So, I have checked my email more than I should've because of his cuteness.

I also broke my no Plurk rule because I needed to ask for prayers. I'm asking them of you now as well (and dear Facebook friends who will see this via Auto-Post.) A good friend of the family, Mrs Jo Ann, is gravely ill. She's battling cancer, and they've started chemo. She is extremely sick and the cancer has spread throughout her body. She is my "mama from another grandmama" I say. She and my mother were best of friends for the last 20 years of my mom's life. Mrs. Jo Ann is one of the sweetest, kindest, loveliest people I've ever known. She will do for others far beyond what she SHOULD do, and will give and give til it takes all from herself. Not that anyone deserves the pain and agony of cancer, but Mrs. Jo Ann has done nothing but serve God her entire life. She is extremely important to me, one of my mother figures. She has always been proud of me, believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. I was able to visit her last night and made sure to let her know just how very much she means to me.

So I did cheat. I got on plurk and asked my friends there for prayers. Because I know they will do it. I know they care about me and know that she is important to me, so I know they (and you) will pray. I just pray she does not suffer and just as she asks, God's will to be done.

So I was not as disconnected yesterday as I should have been, particularly since it was shipping day so I had to spend 1 hour shipping packages. But normally, in between printing shipping labels I'd have been surfing the net, playing on facebook or plurk...but instead I just printed labels, convo'd customers, and got WORK done. It was nice to get it done in a timely fashion instead of being constantly distracted.

I've also perused the net a tad more than I planned today because we are on the crunch to schedule our plans for our yearly church trip in mid October. I've been emailing potential condo owners and waiting to hear back. (Sidebar: is a fabulous way to find great vacation rentals if you ever need such a service.) And that is the ONLY site I used to make these plans, so I was not endlessly searching!!

But once this blog is done, I shall turn it off! I've checked the shops for the day, and will not be shipping again until Monday, so I can get back to relative disconnect (other than obsessive checking about the dog....)

What I have accomplished during my semi-disconnect....I finished reading a book (which probably auto posted to facebook and twitter...) I took the boys to play with friends today, and cleaned up the house.

So, I'm making it! I am jonesing to check facebook, but I'm starting to realize the world will NOT spin off it's axis if I don't get on these sites!

Tomorrow will be running errands with my dad, cleaning and working on my son's attitude. (why did no one tell me age 5 is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad?)

I wonder how my friend Heather is doing on her girl, disconnected?

Please remember to leave me comments if anything earth shattering happens whilst I'm disconnected. And please pray for Mrs. Jo Ann. I do appreciate it.



Anonymous said...

Cute is a definite rule breaker. It's like I tell my dog...cute will get you everywhere.

Michelle said...

I will send up a prayer for her!

Heather said...

I'm doing great over here! I'll blog next week about it. :) I've gotten so much work done that it's amazing. :)


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