Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Twas the Night Before Disconnecting....

and all through the house, not a monkey was stirring...because after a loooooooooooooong, exhausting day, my glorious husband took them out of the house for a couple of hours. I. Love. Him.

Well, if you've not read by now, I'm taking a month long break from social networking. I will still be online for a short period of time: 1x a day to check shops/package orders, check email and blog progress! That's it! No facebook, no shopping online, no twitter, no googling....this is going to hurt...

I have to say....already I'm going to miss my friends. I know some people scoff when they hear "online friends." They think, really how can you REALLY be friends with people you've never met?

But you can! No, I may not have met them all, or even necessarily know (or remember) their last names...but I KNOW them. I know their favorite mediums to work with. I know if they are addicted to watching Dr. Who. I know if they struggle with money. I know if they have children who they love but drive them crazy. I know if they are going through a divorce. I know because they tell me. Because they share their lives with me through the various forms of social networking and forums available in our tech-filled world.

So, yes, I have online friends. I have casual acquaintances as well, people I know due to the Six Degrees of Separation philosophy. But I do truly have friends. Many of them are you, dear readers. You listen to me talk about my children, their up's and down's. You help me perfect my craft. You purchase my handmade items. You retweet links I share about children's charities, gluten free life, handmade and more. You read....and I assume you read because you ARE interested and you DO care.

Do not think this goes unnoticed. Do not think I do this for naught. I do blog partially for my own personal needs, to get it out, to practice my writing skills. But I also blog for you, my friends and strangers. I blog because maybe one of my tutorials will help a struggling mom at home make something cute for her child. Maybe my dealing with Eli's Autism will help another parent realize they are not alone. I blog because I can and need to.

So, I hope you understand this 'girl, disconnected' series is not to get away from any of my friends. It's not to find out if I NEED the internet...I know I do!! :) It's to help me refocus my personal family and business goals. It's an experiment to see if I can streamline my online time.

But I will miss it, I know it already. I know I will miss seeing my friends update their lives and share it with me. Several friends have already expressed how they'll miss me, and believe me I am touched, I really, truly am! I will miss you too!!

So stay tuned....I'll be blogging my jonesing for the net in a few days...or less.....

With Love...


~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

I'm gonna be sew lonely....sew sew lonely....I will miss you....you are loved...by me. However, knowing your great mind, I can't wait to see what new creations you will dream up and hear of your great adventures for the month.
Smooches...enjoy your time.
AKA Sewhappy

Glasstastic Treasures said...

I used to be one of those "scoffers". But then I met you guys. I don't know what I'd do without you all!

I'm going to miss you! {{hugs}} But we'll be here when you get back! Enjoy!

coltpixy said...

I am going to miss you so very much. While you are "disconnecting" you could send me a snail mail. Remember real letters? I promise if you do I will write back to you.
Really, really going to miss you.

The Holistic Diva said...

I'm going to miss you as well Amy. I'm always searching the time line for your posts. Cool experiment though, so I wish you much success in streamlining and refocusing your goals. Sometimes (very rarely), I wish the internet was never created.

Enjoy yourself and your beautiful family.

xoxo Tami

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Awww thanks guys!! I really am gonna miss ya'll! I love snail mail!!! Star I think I have your addy but anyone can message me your addy via any of my shops :)


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