Sunday, July 18, 2010

Serged Cloth Wipes--Impatient Craftaholic Series

Hi guys! Tutorial Time! This one is for those with a serger or who have access to a serger. Chances are many of you already know how to do this, but this is a great newbie tutorial! :)

Materials Needed:

Serger (or sewing machine with overcasting stitch--not QUITE the same but close.)
Threads, needles, scissors (usual sewing stuff!)
Flannel (Terry Cloth and Sherpa are other good wipe fabrics)
Fray Check
Rotary Cutter or Large Scissors

Step One:
Gather Materials. Choose the size of your cloth wipe. I used a flannel I had previously cut for Beau Beau bags so the fabric was already cut to a certain point. I cut this fabric 6 inches tall and 14 inches wide. If you are using a directional print, be careful in your cutting. Remember, measure TWICE, cut ONCE! This fabric is folded RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER in my pics, but in reality you can cut it WRONG SIDES together because you're going to serge it. This tutorial is for a two ply wipe. If you'd prefer a one ply wipe, just serge one layer of fabric at a time.

The size wipes you end up with will vary based on your choice in cutting size.
Because I had a long strip 6x14, I cut the fabric at the 7 inch mark to make two wipes.

Step Two:
We're making two ply wipes here, so take your fabrics and put them right sides facing out if you didn't cut them that way. (Sorry I'm an impatient crafter so I took pics without thinking ahead!)

Step Three:
Now head over to your serger! If you do NOT have a serger, but have a sewing machine with an overcasting stitch, you can use that. It's not quite the same, but it does work some. So mosey on over to your serger with your little square with wrong sides together.

Serge down any side you choose first, if you are doing multiple wipes at once, you can serge down the side of many at a time in a chain.

Generally once I do a bunch on one side, then I start on another side.
Step Four:
So just continue on and serge all four sides until your wipe is complete!! Add some Fray Check on the corners to help them from fraying in the wash.

And now you're done!! Use your wipes for cloth diapering, kids hankerchief's, cleaning and more!


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Simple and sweet - NICE!


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