Friday, July 2, 2010

Feeling Dirty? Let MicroMops help you out!

In case you've not heard, I've opened up yet ANOTHER shop!!

But before you bust out laughing at me and my penchant for opening my defense, this is a partnership with my friend Dee of Stitches In Cotton :) We've been working together on my reusable swiffer wetjet pads and we brainstormed this little shop! We figured surely we aren't the only moms who need to save money and want to be kind to the earth at the same time! Thus MicroMops was born!

MicroMops is having our Grand Opening this weekend and we're ready to share some deals with you!! You can find a variety of eco friendly-budget friendly items at MicroMops. Swiffer pads for WetJet and Sweepers; Clothespin/Grocery Bag Holders, Altered clothespins, Clothespin Magnets, Dish Cloths, Dust Mitts, Cleaning Mixes, FREE Recipes and more!!

And to get ready for our Grand Opening, we're having a little contest! Check out our Facebook Page for our "Messiest Mess Contest." Share with us the nastiest, grodiest, messiest mess you've ever had to clean up. A panel of messy judges (men!) will read the entries and declare a winner! The winner will receive a $15.00 gift certificate to MicroMops so they can clean up their mess! :)

So we hope you'll come on over, check us out and share with your friends!!



PussDaddy said...

I didn't know you opened a lot of shops. But anyway I think this may be a good idea. I don't have a wet swiffer, and my other two swiffers finally rotted, the rubber on them rotted, but I am going to buy another one. I don't have FB or I would look. But good luck with your new shop. It's cute.


Amy said...

Thanks PD :) I do have a lot of shops! LOL My friends make fun of me bc I HAVE to open a new shop..I cant stand to have too much stuff cluttering up one shop!
ALL my etsy names are:
ameliaamos (on vacation)
fleurdeink (on vacation)
glutenfreegirl0330 (my old and very first baby etsy shop)
handmadelouisiana (admin on)
and micromops

I tell ya..>i have a problem.

Plus mamaslittlemonkeys and destashcity on artfire...

then there's the cafepress and zazzle shop..

I need help.... LOl

PussDaddy said...

Well, you do seem to have quite a collection, lol.



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