Thursday, July 8, 2010

Easy Pillowcase--Impatient Craftaholic Series

In keeping with my for the Impatient Craftaholic series...allow me to introduce "The Easy Pillowcase". 

This tutorial is what happens when you bring your children to the fabric store with you just to get ONE THING (I swear!) and they find fabric they like. Sigh. It's hereditary.

1 yard of your chosen fabric (we chose Spiderman..natch.)
Serger and thread (if you have it, if not, its ok)
Scissors and the usual sewing odds and ends.
Sewing Machine (unless you love hand sewing..which if that is the case you probably aren't needing this series of impatient crafting...)
Set your coffee to brew...this project is pretty darn fast.

Step One: Measurements, Schmeasurements.
I just grabbed a pillow from the house and used it as my measurement. Because this print is a directional print, I had to fold it raw edge to raw edge. In the end I ended up with a piece of fabric, folded, right sides together that measured about 33x18 or so. Your final measurements will vary based on your pillow size.

Step Two: The Almighty Serger
Now don't fret if you don't have a serger. If you DO, head on over to it with your fabric still in its nice little 33x18 inch or so fold. Since there is already a fold, you don't have to stitch that side of the pillowcase. So serge down the shorter side first (looking at the above picture, its the right hand side first). Then the longer "raw edge" side. This leaves you an unfinished pillowcase!!

Step Two: If you don't have a serger:
You can still sew down the same sides as the serger in the step above with your sewing machine. Because it is a pillowcase, it really doesn't matter if you have a raw edge inside the pillowcase---at least in my world it's okay. Just stitch with your machine in a straight stitch as I said in the serged instructions. If you really feel the need, use pinking shears to 'pink' the edges along the stitches for security.

Step Three: Hemming It up
After the inside of your pillowcase is done, move on to your hem. Keep the case with wrong sides out, and fold down a small hem. How big your hem is, really depends on the size of your pillow and how much extra fabric you want hanging off your pillow.
Use your iron to press your first hem.

Step Four:
Fold down again until you find a hem you're comfortable with. Nope my lines aren't totally straight. Ahem, Impatient Craftaholic....

Step Five: Head back to your regular sewing machine
Now at your regular sewing machine, just stitch your hem! Sew one line close to the folded edge, then if you'd like, sew another line on the outer edge.

Now fold your pillowcase right side out and viola...a nifty spider man pillowcase!! (Yes I know, I need a picture of the finished pillowcase...but the kid is sleeping on it right now..)

And if you keep some fabric left over, you can make a nifty SpiderMan shirt for your little one :)
***Enjoy and happy sewing! Let me know if you have any questions! Stay Tuned for the Next Installment of the Impatient Craftaholic!

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Stitches In Cotton said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! this tut.! That reminds me I have a ton of fabric all cut out that needs to be sewn together for comforters.... hmmm I think we need to schedule a personal sewing day!


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