Monday, July 12, 2010

Beau Beau (rice therapy bag) Tutorial-- Impatient Craftaholic Series

I hope you're enjoying my little tutorials! I'm no tutorial expert, but my main goal is to make the handmade life easier for everyone! If I can create, anyone can!!

This tutorial is for my Beau Beau Bags, also called Boo Boo Bags, Rice Packs, rIce packs, ouch pouches and a gazillion other names. Basically it's a bag you use on ouches. This is for your traditional square rice pack, you can make them in a variety of shapes and sizes. Larger ones can be made for headaches of menstrual cramps.

Materials Needed:
*Fabric, you're cutting a square of your choice size, so you want at least a fat quarter to get a typical size bag, your choice flannel or fabric, even terry cloth or minky might be nice.
*Rotary Cutter or Scissors
*YardStick or Cutting Guide
*Sewing machine, Thread, needle, usual machine stuff
*Ribbon (optional)

Iron and lay out your fabric on your cutting surface. I chose this nifty Cars flannel I had around the house. Depending on the size of your fabric is how many bags you will get out of the fabric. One yard can make quite a bit of bags.

Cut your fabric to a 5x5 inch square (with fabric RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER). This step is customizable to your needs.

If you cut this on the fold you'll only need to sew 3 sides of the bag :)

Sew ALMOST all the way around the bag. Because you're going to have to turn this bag right side out, you'll be stopping about 1-2 inches from your original starting point. You'll be turning in a corner, so you can start about an inch from one corner, making sure you leave that corner open for turning.

Once you've stitched almost all the way around, you can clip close to your seams--NOT THROUGH the stitching then turn the bag right sides out.

Now you have a right sides out bag! Use a pencil or scissors to poke out the corners (except your open one LOL) and press if you'd like. (Flannel usually doesn't have as many wrinkles if you used that). 

Now it's time to fill your bag! I usually use rice because it's the least expensive option but you can use flaxseed, dry cherry pits or even deer corn---DEER CORN not popcorn. Although if you use popcorn, I'd sure love to see the pics of exploding popcorn inside your bag...

I use a cup and a siphon to put the rice in the open corner hole.

Fill your bag approx. 3/4ths of the way full (or to your desired fullness) and tuck your open corner in nice and neat.

Cut a small ribbon or piece of fabric if you wish, fold it over and tuck it in your open corner. Stitch (straight or zigzag) the opening closed, making sure to back stitch. I stitch the opening at least twice to make sure it's secure.

Admire your handiwork! We like to store our bags in the freezer for beau beaus but you can also microwave the bag for 15-30 seconds at a time for a hot pack. USE CAUTION when handling the hot bag!

Now, why do I call it a Beau Beau bag instead of a boo boo? Because down south where I live, my family always said beau beau (pronounced like the actor Beau Bridges) instead of boo boo. I don't know anyone who says boo boo around here! Not that it's wrong if you do, that's just my story of why I call it what I do! :)

Enjoy your bags, whatever you call them, and feel free to share this tutorial!


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