Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flower Ball Tutorial- Impatient Craftaholic Series

You'll love how easy this one is! This makes my No Sew Fabric Wreath tutorial look like hard work! Seriously, you'll love this!

Materials Needed:
Styrofoam Ball (available at many craft stores)
Artificial Flowers
Satin Ribbon (however long you want your ball to hang)
Wire Cutters
Tacky Glue or Craft Glue (Optional)

Step One:
Snip the bloom off your flowers. Save some of the greenery on the bouquets because those add nicely to the flower ball! If you purchase your flowers in a bouquet at craft stores when they're on sale, you'll get more for your money.

Step Two:
Insert your stem into the stryofoam ball. If you want to put a little glue on the tip of the stem you're inserting in the ball, that's fine but it's not really necessary.

Shove the bloom into the ball until its snug against the ball. Continue to do this over and over until the ball is covered in flowers!

Step Three:
Insert your ribbon. You can use your screwdriver to push the ribbon into the ball. You first poke a hole with your screwdriver in the ball, add some glue in the hole and then push your ribbon in if you'd like. You want to push the ribbon in folded in half so the two ends of the ribbon comes out, allowing you to tie a knot where you want to hang your ball.

That's it! For real!


1 comment: said...

That's gorgeous! Giving me some ideas now, too!


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