Friday, July 23, 2010

Operation Simplify 2010 Update

Hey gang, it's been awhile since I updated my Operation Simplify 2010 plan! I'm doing OKAY at it! Let's face it, its hard for a supply hoarder to SIMPLIFY!!! I have however, continued to purge the house and giveaway or sell things we don't really need. When the seasons change it will be time to purge the closets and everything that the hanger is still facing the wrong way on--OUTTA HERE!

I'm aiming for a more organized life, that's for sure. Harrison will be in kindergarten in a few short weeks and that frees up my days a little, going back to having only one child at home much of the day. The online shops are doing well and I'm looking forward to having that uninterrupted naptime!!

I've been a hermit lately, but I think that's because I've taken a more active role in keeping this house in ORDER! I've got a goal to keep it tidier, more organized and with less STUFF!! (OKay so I still do the frantic 5:30 clean before my husband gets home so it LOOKS like I've been cleaning all day.)

I'm definitely no Martha Stewart, never will be. A clean house is a sign of a wasted life, I agree. But one's clean is another one's messy!!! LOL

Sooooo, I've purged, given away, found lost clothing in closets, given away supplies (YES FOR REAL) and tried to stick to a schedule. My next goal is to keep track EVERY DAY ALL DAY of what I do for a day and see where my time sucks are.

Thus ends this update on Operation Simplify 2010....purge people, purge!


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