Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WOOOT! I Won a FREE CD! Love me some Dare Dukes!

Yes! I knew Blockhead Radio would pay off at some point.... I, a faithful Lost fan, TAPED it tonite (so tell me NOTHING or I shall beat you senseless) so that I could tune into my favorite station, Blockhead Radio and hear Dare Dukes! Now, you may say, who? Well...let me enlighten you!

Dare Dukes is a fantastic indie artist.....I do not dare even peg him into a genre, because well, I hate that. Music is music! (And no, the dare pun was not intended.) If I dig it, it is good, end of story.

Well, I dig Dare! :) There are a couple of musicians we play on BHR that I REALLY like and he is one of them! (I love them all....but some I love more....)

And I got to win the AUTOGRAPHED CD from Dare Dukes!!! GO ME!

Nope, not sharing.

Want to learn more about Dare Dukes? Not a problem!! Click HERE to learn more about him, and CLICK HERE to listen to Blockhead Radio where his music is in rotation! Learn all about our other great artists too!

I love free stuff and good excellent combo!!

NOW, go check out Dare's website, make sure you sign up for the newsletter and get a FREE Mp3!!!! Then once you hear how awesome he is.....get some of his CD's! :)

If you ever hear any artist on Blockhead Radio that you enjoy, just click on the BHR player where it says "Buy CD" and can get that awesome music delivered to your door! :)


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