Sunday, March 29, 2009

SPRING cleaning time!!

PHEW! I am BEAT! But it is well worth it! Day One of "get your butt in gear and clean your house" program is on! Thanks to my super sized overstock of crafty goodness from my craft show last week, I do not need to 'create' for my Etsy shops for some time. So I am focusing my energies on
1. cleaning my home and getting organized,
2. Blockhead Radio and my job there as Promotions/PR and spiffy new host of Mom's Cafe on Wed nights at 9 pm eastern, and
3. MY FAMILY! :)

So, I do not feel like such a pack rat now! I now have about 8 bags of clothing to share on Freecycle (do good and good will come to you!), and I now have an organized closet that I will SHARE with my hubs (can it be, could we? Closet cohabitate?) AND a spiffy closet full of ORGANIZED soap supplies AND nicely folded fabric stash!! WOOOOT!

And the best part of all...there is still gluten free cake in my fridge...AND My best hubs ever bought me chocolates for our anniversary (TOMORROW! 6 years!) :)

Proof of clean soap closet:
(now ot get a nifty shower curtain rod and hang drapes in front of it!)

Soap bases, embeds, citric acids, salts, papers, soap packaging materials, shipping materials,

Approx 45 lbs of soap base in boxes, shipping, bag o' rubber ducks, and molds

And just because I can, a random pic of my grass after recent rains....ahhhhh. Spring!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I want spring too!

It's cold and rainy here and it's usually warm and sunny by now! I feel cheated!

Glad your getting your clean on... I could use a little of that mojo too!


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