Sunday, March 15, 2009

I feel tired, oh so tired, but accomplished! :)

I'm tired. Crawl into bed, snuggle up and pass out before Seinfeld tired (that's 10pm Central!). BUT, I feel accomplished! My first ever craft show appearance is next Sunday, and it's been a long road. Man, I hope the customers come! :) I sewed today from 10am-6pm. I am beat! But I made some awesome things for the show, including my own chalk cloth sign for my booth! (Being chalk cloth, I can write whatever I want on it!)

So, if I get a little extra time this week I'll finish up one set of flannel baby bib/wipe sets, and maybe one minky bear (amazingly a teddy bear doesn't take me too long.)
But more importantly to do:
  • All the tags, labels, prices for completed inventory..including ingredient label on soaps and bath salts.
  • Cut swatch samples for fabric available for custom pants, teddy bears and more! (basically a swatch of all my fabrics!) Organize and label accordingly.
  • Print out the 'catalog of ducks' available for ducky soaps, as well as a catalog of ducks I can easily order.
  • List of scents available for soaps/salts.
  • Prices signs, info signs, etc. Biz cars, CPSIA info all ready to go.
  • Blockhead Radio print out!
  • Price listing sheet...because I won't be there on Saturday (church), my selling partner will be working on Saturday, so I need to leave her a complete list of my items with prices so she can mark off as she sells and I can accurately figure out taxes, etc.
  • Buy various office supplies/table supplies for set up.
  • Drink a large appletini and eat massive amounts of chocolate.
  • Sell like I've never sold before.....
That about sums it up....countdown is ON.


AlteredGypsy said...

Take lots of pictures...I would love to see your booth.

*~Positive thoughts for a super-successful show~*

Beth said...

Good Luck with your show. I was nervous at my first show too.

Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Good luck with your fist craft show!!!

agoodwitchtoo said...

Work what your Mama gave you :) Or at least what "Mama" made!

Good luck, Ms Awesome! I'm sure you will do fantastic :)

CatzInTheHouse said...

Get some sleep, you don't want to get sick. Share pics of your chalk banner would love to see. Blessings, Mama Cat

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I'm so excited for you!


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