Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shameless begging post..

Let the begging begin....

First off.....if you are in the Slidell/North Shore Area I would LOVE to see your perty little face at the Slidell Arts and Crafts Show at the Harbor Center in Slidell today!! :) Exit 261 off the I-10 (last exit before you get on the bridge!) I'll be there with ALL my come on down! :)

Second.....not only did I finally SNAG a treasury last night but I am in one--twice! :)

So if you are so inclined....please share the love and do some clicking.. :)

Im in this one twice, as Mama's Little Monkeys and Fleur De Ink

And one I was SOMEHOW able to snag last night by stalking the treasuries!!

so click away and give it some love! :)

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