Friday, April 17, 2009

Internet Diet Weekend..

Okay...I'm inspired. I think it's high time for an internet weekend diet! I will not go cold turkey, but I will severely cut down on my time spent online this weekend! :)
Today was a great start! Caught the Morning Brew Ha Ha on Blockhead Radio (well some, my phone always seems to ring!) checked emails, and turned it OFF! Had playdate at Chuck E Cheese with my cool friend Jenni, and our crew of boys! (Grandma kept Eli because the allure of Chuck E Cheese is lost on him...)

Got back, checked in to make sure the world did not spin off it's axis in the few short hours I was not online (it did not..but I was able to get in on an awesome wholesale michael miller fabric deal!) Turned it OFF! Headed to the evil empire to purchase last minute weekend things (they have a GLUTEN FREE SECTION NOW!) Snagged my washing soda so I can soon attempt my handmade laundry detergent. More tedius tasks.....

My long winded point (is there any other?) is that I am going to attempt to spend this weekend LESS on the computer and MORE with my family, friends, and best of sewing machine! I am DETERMINED to start making mama cloth and I even have testers from Diaperswappers willing to test my creations! (I love diaperswappers for just that reason!)

I'm sure I'll get online, check email, check in with my homies tonite on Blockhead Radio but overall...its kids, sunshine (hopefully!), sewing and LOST with my hubby!

Sometimes ya just need a break!! :)


1 comment:

Michael said...

I always fail at internet diets, haha


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