Saturday, April 4, 2009

Awesome new Artfire Guild..ok a couple!

Are you on artfire? Are you verified? Then let me tell you about some cool guilds!
Cafemom Street Team is brand new and awaiting approval, so if you are a Cafemom Member come on down and join that guild! You can learn more about our group at we welcome ALL Selling venues, not just Artfire! :) Side note though, please keep your drama to yourself! We are about HELPING moms, not making life harder for them! :)

And I recently created Handmade in Louisiana Guild, also awaiting approval! If you live in Louisiana, or are from La and are temporarily away from home, then join our little guild! We also welcome members who sell on all venues! Obviously the artfire guild will focus on Artfire, but you can certainly be a member of wherever you want! :) We will offer you help in ANY business matter!

So if you haven't checked out Artfire, you should. You can try the free membership to get your feet wet. Then if you like it, snag a membership! 12.00 a month is less than I spend in fees on other venues these days! :)

So come on down and check em out!:)

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