Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Soooo if you read my previous post you know I already dig byhand.me.

I thought I'd share another cool thing about byhand.me. From your profile, create a new blog entry. Be it a sale, new items, whatever...

Write your nifty blog post and make sure you click YES to everything down below the post...this will post your blog post to Twitter via the byhand.me feed, and it also puts YOUR post on the front page of Byhand.me.

AND you can select it to automatically post to your blogger! :) (Such as my previous post...)

Now how awesome is that???


1 comment:

Nedekcir said...

Hello, I am the winner of your sponsored Star Crayons at AskMsRecipe contest "3. In My Kitchen won the Star Crayons from Mama’s Little Monkeys". I will email you my info next.



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