Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go Green with Mom's Cafe!!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!! Mom's Cafe wants to invite you to tune in tonite at 9 pm Eastern and help us GO GREEN! :) Learn earth friendly tips (to save money AND Mother Earth!), share your Eco-Friendly items, tips, links and more!

How do you go green? Don't be eco-friendly to keep up with the crowd...being green has to do within yourself! Many people have different reasons for going green...for myself it is saving money and leaving less of an ecological imprint...I personally believe we have been given this lovely Earth and it is up to us to respect it.

Maybe you can drive a hybrid car? Use Reusable grocery bags? Turn off the lights (I always did this one...would've had a sore behind if I didn't!) Use microfiber towels for your swiffers, towels instead of paper towels, make your own cleansers...the list goes on and on!

So what do YOU do to go green? Does it also help pinch pennies? How do you feel about Earth day?

Join us tonite to learn much more and share YOUR tips/links in chat! Always feel free to drop links just keep it kid friendly! :)

Mama and Rocker will get you green...and hopefully with a smile! :)


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