Friday, April 3, 2009

Do you artfire?

Well I do now!! And I'm loving it!! I admit, shamefully, to have signed up waaaaay back in November. Then something called BLockhead Radio and a craft show came along, not to mention children, house, etc...and I neglected my AF shop..horribly! :) But NOW, I am BACK baby! I finally signed up to be verified and am slowly listing more items! (not sure which items will take precedence...I'll decide that later since it doesnt cost to list PER Item I can do what I want!!)

Of course i like Etsy, it was my starting point, but the times they are a changing! It's time to try new venues and see which ones really rock! Im also checking out potential there also! :)

SOOOOO come check out artfire and of COURSE I created a Louisiana guild!!! You must be verified to join a guild, and just like Etsy teams, guild's hold great potential for you!! :)

So come check out and you'll be impressed I'm sure! Super easy listing, great customer service and very user friendly!!

See you there! :)

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Pat said...

I joined Artfire after Christmas and I'm impressed. Haven't made oodles of sales but my sales have covered the 7.00 monthly fee plus a little bit more. Any questions I've had, have gotten answered very quickly. I do believe, given a bit of time, it will be a tremendous place to sell. And for $7.00 a month I can list as many items as I want.


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