Monday, December 31, 2012

DIY Winter Decor

I've been dressing it up for winter!

I found this awesome vase at Target today on clearance. I'd been stalking it for awhile...there it a random spot, for 2.98!! I saw something similar on Pinterest, and decided to give it a go!

It was easy too! Just whip up some yarn pom-poms', jab some branches in them and stick in the vase. Want to know a secret to getting the branches to stay where you want? Fill the vase with rice! That's it...easy winter decor! I can see changing this up for all the seasons!

I love this little area of my's the top of my entertainment center, on one side and I love my little wintry pink yarny goodness section!! I love the vase because it looks like a cabled knit pattern! I've decorated for winter and it's so fun, since we don't do Christmas, it's nice to get to decorate for a whole season!

Here's a bit more winter fun I put up around the house:

 We made melted snowmen to munch on!

 Added pom poms to another Target clearance find!

 I crocheted the runner and it looks perfect under the candlestick plate my sister made for me. 

 Close up of the plate. Isn't it lovely? Another clearance find!

 Cheapy .50 snowman hanging from our ceiling fan.

 Some fun yarn pom poms and snowflakes hanging on our blinds.

and some pretty roses I bought to pretty up the kitchen. I love winter, but it is a bit drab, so some pretty pink flowers will always help!!

Now to get this house CLEAN....Hah.


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