Friday, December 28, 2012

Rounding the Bend... you hear it? vewy vewy qwiet...It's 2013...sneaking in...or better yet, rushing in like a tidal wave! Seriously? WHERE did 2012 go??

Well, it's come and nearly gone and I have to say it's been a really good year, personally and business wise. Our family stayed relatively healthy, no major mishaps (other than a child's broken toe but that ended up okay), the hubs stayed employed in this time of unemployment, my business flourished, and our little family grew by two guinea pigs and a new weenie dog puppy. Instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop, I choose to give thanks for our blessings and be grateful for what God has provided for us. I pray I can continue to grow in His word and learn more, grow more, and do more with the many blessings He provides for us.

Since August I was working full time, which was quite an adjustment, but it should be coming to an end the first week of January. I'm not saying I won't go back to work full time eventually, but right now, I feel I need to focus on the family, house and my business. We've been having some recent issues with our youngest and I need to stay on top of those and not be stressed worrying about 'getting it all done'.

My little business has really grown and I am VERY grateful for that. In 2012 I primarily focused on Badge Reels, and I am happy to report, thanks to the customers who BELIEVE in handmade and make an effort to purchase it, that Badge Reels exceeded it's 2011 sales by early November and December was one of my top grossing months, even being open only 15 days! THANK YOU 1,000 times over to everyone who shares links, likes, follows, buys, promotes, believes in me and prays for my shop! It does not go unnoticed!

My second shop, Seaux Comfy, did a good little business for a new shop, nothing huge, but a great start. It's really an outlet for my crochet love (okay, it's an excuse to buy more yarn...) and it's a fun little addition. I love both my shops and the crafts I do, if I didn't love it, I wouldn't do it! What's the point in trying to build a business if you hate what you are doing?

As for my Year Without Wal-Mart...I actually did quite well and probably only stepped foot in the store about ten times the entire year....mostly for reasons I couldn't really control (father needed to go, out of town and no nearby stores, etc). I have to say I did well not going, not necessarily spending less (Target's bullseye gets me every time...) but making efforts to find other stores, local, chain and online, to spend my grocery money. Will I try to avoid Wal-Mart to much in 2013? No, probably not, but the habit has been laid, that it is not my first grocery choice. 

So we've had a fabulous year and I hope you did too. Despite the scary in the world, I try to look on the brighter side and remember the greater plan at work. As a great man once said, "I've read to the end of the book, and we win." It was a dreary winter day here today and looking back over the year's photos really helped. Here is a little snippet of our year :) If you want to see more, please feel free to find me on Instagram as mamaslittlemonkeys. Also on Flickr and to see my crochet goodies, friend me on Ravelry!

Here's to 2013 being just as awesome!!! My hubs and I will be celebrating our ten year anniversary, I'll be turning 34, one boy will turn 5 and one will turn 8! It's going to be a great year!

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