Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Break Plans

It's Winter Break!! WOOO HOO! This means two solid weeks of no major committments, no plans, no schedule, no alarms (other than full bladder puppy cries). I am so ready. I've been working since August and am way out of my normal WAHM routine. I will get my WAHM life back in January, and I'm excited! So this is a nice taste test....however I have two boys to occupy. If I don't make plans, they may very well meld into the sofa.

What did we do before Pinterest? Oh right...made it up as we went....Thanks Pinterest for letting me a lazy bum but look like I'm totally rocking this mom thing.

Let us collect a set of ideas to start with (and chuckle at later when I achieve only three.) All photo credits should be on pins.

Door Decoration: We don't actually celebrate Christmas, so I love this non Christmas/Winter door decor.

Snowman Inspired Snack:

Make Snowflakes from Borax. I've never done this before so I'll have to dig into the directions, but it looks fun!

Hot Glue Snowflakes. Not so sure on this one...letting my boys loose with hot glue guns??? I don't know if we're close enough to our health insurance deductible for that one...

And we did this last year and it was a HIT! I'll have to dig it out, find it..but I know it's in the cabinet SOMEWHERE....(boy do I need to purge...) Instant Snow! This is HUGE for us southerners!

Here are some pics of my boys playing with the instant snow last year..

I'm looking forward to some winter fun again this year!
I'll let you know how it goes!

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