Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I fought my back and my back won...

soooo, my blogging schedule thus far hasn't been fulfilled....
Apparently I am a dangerous sleeper...because I woke up Sunday morning with a back of a 90 year old. Now I am no stranger to chiropractor...I don't call him my boyfriend for a reason! (no, not for real.....but he does make me sigh..)

Anyway, so I've basically been in pain for several days. Hopefully by Friday he'll pop me back into place one final time, and if not, I'll have some X-rays to figure out why my back suddenly is giving me trouble.
Meanwhile, it's testing my normal busy schedule. I am usually running all day long getting stuff done, so being laid up is really cramping my style. I'm trying to enjoy it, get stuff done when I can, but it's hard for me to watch my house fall to crumbles and not get my customers' orders out in time. Thankfully I have amazing customers who are understanding!!

So I shall hobble around another two days, and then see what happens!! :)

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