Thursday, January 7, 2010

Operation Simplify 2010--WEEK ONE

I'm one week into my Operation Simplify. So far so good!!
I've created a schedule for me to keep things in line. I've only deviated slightly due to weather or children's needs! It is very helpful having a specific time to work with Eli and it helps remind me NOT to goof off on the computer!

For my goal of cooking I've been working on slow cooker, crock pot recipes.
This week I've tried a few and here's what I think:

Baked Potato Soup:
I loved it!! I shared some with my best friend who'd just had a baby, and my niece who was in the hospital with her baby with pneumonia! My husband didn't really like it but he's a wuss and doesn't like soup. The kids didn't like it because, well, they are uber picky!

Okay while I greatly appreciate her effort, this recipe needs major work. First of all, it needs WAY more spices. Creole seasoning, salts, peppers, SOMETHING. Seeing as the blogger is NOT southern, it is totally understandable that this was left out. :) Also when I did it her way and put the rice in, it ended up being a gumbo mush. Like rice/gumbo/risotto. So I'm going to try it again but make the rice separate and put the gumbo OVER the rice just like you're SUPPOSED to do with gumbo. There is no roux required but I might try to do one also. Overall the taste was good...just needed a kick.

Overall I'm digging using the crockpot--when I actually do remember to turn it on, it works great! :) Now to train the hubs to clean it up every night, how come kitchens aren't self cleaning!

How is your Operation Simplify going??


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