Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fabric Therapy....

Ahhhh. Troubles? What troubles?? It's been a long week due to some not-worthy-of-discussing-because-it's-so-stupid online troubles and I have had quite fun easing my mind with fabric therapy. I began this year with Operation Simplify and have been enjoying it. I've put Fleur De Ink on an extended vacation, and have resigned from Handmade News. It is nothing personal to HMN, I actually loved writing for HMN, but something has to give!! Eli has begun to demand more attention. We're on a waiting list for a new autism pilot program that will involve more therapy and he's already getting better by leaps and bounds. (I swear he said "Who Dat" today, but it might have been wishful thinking...Black and Gold, baby, Black and Gold.)

But I digress, so my family has always been the most important thing in my life and my little handmade shops are just something I do for me. But I will always gladly toss it all if my kids need it. So by closing up Fleur De Ink, quitting HMN and dropping my Artfire Shop (side note, big sale going on!) down to basic, I can devote more time to my boys. I want to do things that are fun for me. I've got no patience or time for things/people that stress me out--so OUT they go! (Not that HMN was stressful, I loved doing it..but deadlines are still deadlines! Perhaps one day I can return as I was so graciously told I could!)

So what did I do this week for fun since I had my creativity sapped from me for a short time? I had some fabric therapy of COURSE! In the forms of Michael Miller and Riley Blake. Nom nom nom. Fabric.
I have to impatiently wait for it to come in, but still...mmmm fabric.

Michael Miller finds!

And some Riley Blake:

Mmm that makes everything all better.

AND I found a bakery locally that sells gluten free king cake. That's right life, BRING IT ON. I shall have cake.


Shell said...

What cool fabrics - can't wait to see what you do with them when they arrive.
I know the feeling about HMN, I had to resign due to things just getting hectic here too.
Enjoy the Cake! said...


Stitch 'N Love said...

Speaking of Gluten free. I saw that my local grocery store started carrying glutten free cake mixes! Of course, I immediately thought of you!

storybeader said...

great to have something creative you love to do. I have the same thing... it's paper therapy! I love looking at and creating book covers with the Japanese Washi paper.

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

That is great Stitch! Thankfully GF is getting more common. Mmmm I drool over paper too...

Walk in the Woods said...

Yes you shall!!! :D

e_donaldson said...

Love the fabric!!! And OMG about the cake! I'm gluten free too and still trying to find a local bakery that can do my wedding cake. Sigh. Just stumbled upon your blog, love it!

- Elizabeth


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