Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Artisans, Football and a Little Dare...

Earlier this week I posted a little 'taunt' on Artfire forums concerning last weeks Saints/Vikings football game. There was some friendly trash talking (as is customary in football) and MDavisDesigns took me up on a friendly wager....since she was pulling for the Vikings, if the Saint's won she'd change her avatar to a Saints avi, and if the Vikings won, I'd change mine to a Vikings pic!

Thankfully for me, the Saints won!! (BLACK AND GOLD SUPERBOWL!!!) Marian at MDavisDesigns has graciously changed her avatar to the adorable Drew Brees.

Since Marian was such a good sport about my Bayou Boys putting a hurting on ol' Favre, I thought I'd share one of her beautiful pieces!

There are some beautiful pieces in this shop and I encourage you to check them all out, maybe you'll find something beautiful to where while you watch the Saint's spank the Colts on Superbowl Sunday!


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