Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Get ready for some cool gifts!

Alas, despite the summer heat down here, it is indeed approaching the biggest shopping season of the year! Now, personally, I do not actually celebrate Christmas but am more than happy to provide lots of shopping for everyone else :) I also love to stalk the sales and see what's up for grabs during the holiday season!

Times are tough, money is tight. So perhaps it is more your idea this year to find one, good, meaningful, unique gift for your special someones? If that's you, keep reading because you can find lots of unique gifts on from thousands of talented artisans. The coolest thing is you can search from various gift guides to fit your needs! And because searches are random, you'll likely find something new each time you search!!

Here are some of MY faves!

Funky, unique magnets by PicardCreative.

Fantastic Baby Items in awesome colors and prints from a Louisiana resident,

Fabulous cupcake soaps--do not eat, Norma is not responsible for your butt bubbles!!

Or maybe you want to get ready for fall now with this awesome handmade leaf bowl from Harmon Art!

No matter what you're looking for, search the Artfire Gift Guides for all your gifts in ANY season!! :)

Of course, if you'd like to purchase from MY Lovely shops I can be found in a few gift guides myself :)



HarmonArt said...

Thanks so much for featuring our leaf. I'm honored.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Beautiful finds :)


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